Gemstone Eternity Rings

  1. Platinum 950 (34)
  2. 18ct Rose Gold (34)
  3. 18ct Yellow Gold (47)
  4. 18ct White Gold (53)
  5. 9ct White Gold (4)
Gemstone Shape
  1. Princess (17)
  2. Oval (3)
  3. Round Brilliant (50)
Diamond Shape
  1. Round (29)
  2. Baguette (7)
  3. Princess (14)
  4. Round Brilliant (16)
  1. £0.00 - £999.99 (40)
  2. £1,000.00 and above (31)
Gemstone Eternity Rings category image

The classic eternity ring is set with a continuous band of diamonds, however it is now incredibly common for this type of ring to be set with different gemstones, often with a deep personal meaning behind the choice of gemstone used. The chosen gemstone for an eternity ring can be determined by a number of factors, such as the wearer’s birthstone (amethyst for February, ruby for July, sapphire for September, etc); the anniversary to which that stone relates (sapphire, for example, represents the 45th wedding anniversary); or even the folk lore behind specific gemstones (for example, emerald symbolises rebirth, amethyst symbolises wisdom and intellect and Sapphire represents truth and sincerity).

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