Peridot Rings

  1. 18ct Rose Gold (28)
  2. 18ct White Gold (31)
  3. 18ct Yellow Gold (33)
  4. Platinum 950 (28)
Gemstone Shape
  1. Baguette (1)
  2. Cushion (2)
  3. Octagon (8)
  4. Oval (20)
  5. Round Brilliant (4)
  6. Trillion (1)
Diamond Shape
  1. Baguette (2)
  2. Emerald (2)
  3. Marquise (2)
  4. Princess (2)
  5. Round Brilliant (28)
  1. £0.00 - £999.99 (33)
  2. £1,000.00 and above (3)
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Peridot rings are increasing in popularity due to brides-to-be seeking something different for their finger. Here at Diamond Boutique, we offer a unique selection of rings suited to both grand gestures of love, and a luxurious treat for oneself.

Formed deep underground, peridot is a rare gem that exhibits yellow-green, olive brown hues. Revered in the Middle Ages for granting those who wore it the power of foresight, today peridot jewellery is a highly coveted item.

If you’re looking for the perfect peridot ring, you’re sure to find it in our collection. Alternatively, we offer a custom design service for a personal and bespoke service. Contact us today on +44 (0) 203 6959 885 for more details.

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