Aftercare – Ensure your Precious Jewellery Lasts a Lifetime and Looks Forever Brand New

At Diamond Boutique, we know that investing in a special piece of jewellery is a huge decision and whether it is an engagement ring, wedding band, any other type of ring, pendant or earrings, we know you’ll want to keep it looking as beautiful as it did the first time you wore it. So with that in mind, we’ve created an Aftercare Package that will ensure that your individually crafted piece stays perfect for generations. It’ll be fit to last a lifetime and beyond!

We take pride in the quality of our products and we’re passionate about making sure they continue to look their best. Our talented team of master craftsmen will ensure that your special piece of jewellery continues to be treasured for a lifetime.

What Does our Aftercare Package Include?

For an annual fee of £99 you will receive the following:

  • Annual health check
  • Unlimited professional cleaning and polishing
  • Unlimited rhodium plating
  • Unlimited re-sizing
  • Unlimited repair work (if a stone falls out due to accidental damage)

What is an Annual Health Check?

We will carry out a professional check to ensure that your ring and the stones contained in it are as secure as the day you bought it. We will tighten the prongs if necessary.

If we find any issues, we will rectify them and provide any tips on how to prevent this in the future.

What do I get with Unlimited Professional Cleaning and Polishing?

Send us your ring to have it professionally cleaned and polished and they’ll be returned looking brand new! Cleaning your jewellery involves removing dirt, grease and lotions or skin oils from the piece. Polishing jewellery is a thorough process and removes any scratches from the metal. We recommend doing this up to two times a year.

Why Rhodium Plate my Jewellery?

Rhodium plating gold jewellery provides a thin layer of rhodium that will provide extra strength and luster to your ring. It makes the piece more durable and impressively more sparkly! But don’t worry, it won’t scratch, dent or corrode your beautiful piece of jewellery.

What will I get for my Unlimited Resizing Element of the Package?

This includes resizing your ring up or down by 5 sizes. However, some designs can be difficult to resize and may incur a cost to you.

What will I get with my Unlimited Repair Work?

Although we don’t expect that you’ll need any repair work done on your jewellery, these are pieces that can be worn every day and as a consequence can become damaged. If your jewellery needs repairing, we’ll do this for you free of charge within this package. We’ll even replace stones below 0.10 carat for free if you lose them.

As and When Aftercare

Alternatively, if our Aftercare Package isn’t for you, you can just contact us as and when your jewellery needs cleaning and we’ll be happy to help you with that.