December 2012

  1. Ruby

    Famous for its deep and enticing reds, the ruby is one of the world’s four precious stones. Ruby wedding rings are a popular choice amongst newlyweds thanks to the gem’s rich colour, but are also a coveted option for eternity and engagement rings. History The blood-red ruby has long been an esteemed gemstone, traded as early as 200BC in China...
  2. Pink Sapphire

    Pink Sapphire
    The curious pink sapphire is a naturally-occurring form of sapphire that gets its pinkness from the chromium in which it was formed. Mined predominantly in Madagascar, the pink sapphire is a popular gemstone for engagement and wedding rings.   History Little is known about the historical use of pink sapphire as there is very little mention of the stone in...
  3. Peridot

      Formed deep underground, Peridot is a rare gem that exhibits yellow-green to olive brown hues. Revered in the Middle Ages for granting those who wore the gemstone the power of foresight, today Peridot is used in all kinds of jewellery, from Peridot earrings, to Peridot engagement rings. History The stunning yellow-green gemstone Peridot is a historically elusive gem. According...
  4. Pearl

    Produced and perfected by Mother Nature, pearls are truly unique gems that have been hunted since the dawn of civilisation. Since the 20th century, pearls have been harvested in larger scales in an effort to mass produce this exceptional item. In both ancient and modern times, pearl jewellery has long been a symbol of wealth and social standing. History Throughout...

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