June 2015

  1. Powerful in Pearls!

    Powerful in Pearls!
    Pearls are the most elegant, stylish and eternal accessories known to the fashion industry. Wearing pearls brings a touch of class and authority – it’s no wonder the Royals adore them! Over time we have noticed that pearls can be worn in a number of styles. With each generation of Royals, there have been ones that stuck to an elegant...
  2. Pearls of Wisdom

    Pearls of Wisdom
    Dubbed “Tears of God”, “Drops of Moonlight” and the “Queen of Gems” pearls are the most unique gems available to us. It would only be fair to have an entire blog dedicated to this exquisite birthstone of June. Keep reading to find out about how pearls are formed, different types of pearls and the journey of pearls throughout centuries. How...
  3. Preserve your Pearls

    Preserve your Pearls
    Following on from last week, we continue to celebrate this month’s gemstone, the glorious pearl. Pearls are a timeless gemstone, but they are also more fragile than other gemstones, making it important to preserve your pearls. Daily Care Being so beautiful it is naturally hard not to wear your pearls daily, just remember the following tips to help preserve your...

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