July 2015

  1. Proposal Pointers!

    Proposal Pointers!
    So you’re ready to pop the question but aren’t sure how to go about planning it. You’ve heard it has to be something BIG, something she’ll never forget. It also has to be personal, romantic and just perfect. Wow, that’s a lot of pressure!! With that in mind here are 5 simple tips to help you when its time to...
  2. Here Comes The Bride

    Here Comes The Bride
    From Grace Kelly to the Duchess of Cambridge, this week we discuss the most iconic wedding dresses of the era. Read on and grab all the wedding dress inspiration for your big day! 1950’s When American actress Grace Kelly married Prince Rainer III of Monaco in 1956, it was the birth of one of the most elegant and best-remembered wedding...
  3. A World of Colour

    A World of Colour
    When it comes to popular non-diamond engagement rings, rubies are right up there along with sapphires. Luxurious and vibrant, the fiery red tones of rubies are instantly recognisable and make a striking impression. Rubies from Diamond Boutique not only boast lavish warm tones but twinkle with absolute clarity. Read on to find out about the origins of our wondrous rubies...
  4. Ruby Rich!

    Ruby Rich!
    Diamonds have lost their sparkle as more women feel the need to be different, straying away from the traditional diamond engagement ring. Recently many are opting for unique designs and coloured gemstones, we refer to this as “The Kate Effect” – sapphires and rubies have outpaced diamonds! Today we celebrate the birthstone of July, the Ruby! From royalty to celebrities...

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