April 2021

  1. Behind Our Amethyst Ring Collection

    Behind Our Amethyst Ring Collection
    At Diamond Boutique, we love creating mesmerising rings that you'll truly love. Our Amethyst ring collection is no different, combining a beautiful gemstone with hand-crafted rings for an incredible finish. Amethyst Gemstones To make an amazing ring, you first must pick out a gemstone that catches your eye. Amethyst gems come in a refined light purple colour that is fit...
  2. White Gold Engagement Rings

    White Gold Engagement Rings
    When you want to 'pop the question', the ring you choose says a lot. There are literally thousands of options, each of which are perfect for one lucky person. So how do you start to wade through the sometimes overwhelming collection of wedding ring choices? Well, the best answer is to find out as much information as possible, and this...
  3. Blue Topaz Earrings: What You Need To Know

    Blue Topaz Earrings: What You Need To Know
    It's hard to miss Blue Topaz; its light blue colour truly shines across a room. This is perhaps why our Blue Topaz earrings have become some of our most popular items. So what do you need to know when looking into purchasing a pair? A semi-precious gemstone from the Topaz mineral family, blue Topaz comes in a variety of different...
  4. Behind The Design: Princess Cut Diamond

    Behind The Design: Princess Cut Diamond
    There are so many options when it comes to the cut of your diamond, it is almost impossible to discuss them all. However, a princess cut diamond has long been one of our favourites, so we would be remiss if we didn't let you know a little more about it. Brilliant Cut Brilliant diamonds are cut with numerous facets (or...

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