May 2021

  1. Moissanite Ring Gift Guide

    Moissanite Ring Gift Guide
    A cheaper alternative to Diamond, the Moissanite gemstone is a clear, elegant stone that is sure to add a touch of class to your jewellery. History of The Moissanite Gemstone The Moissanite gemstone was discovered in 1893 by Henri Moissan, a French chemist who mistakenly took the stone for Diamonds while examining rock samples from a meteor crater in Canyon...
  2. Yellow Gold Sapphire Rings

    Yellow Gold Sapphire Rings
    While we offer thousands of rings to choose from, there are very few that can match the true beauty of a Yellow Gold Sapphire ring. The deep blue hue of a true Sapphire matches many pairings, but there aren't many options that suit each other more than a yellow gold band and this classic gemstone. Sapphire Gemstones Sapphire gemstones are...
  3. Why Buy a Bespoke Ring?

    Why Buy a Bespoke Ring?
    When looking for a ring, be it a gift or for your special day, there are literally thousands of options. So, when there are so many to choose from, why pick a bespoke ring? Why Choose a Bespoke Ring? The simple answer to choosing a bespoke ring is the fact that you can open up the possibilities of the ring...
  4. How To Choose The Perfect Eternity Ring

    How To Choose The Perfect Eternity Ring
    Are you amongst the many who struggle to find the perfect Eternity Ring? Well, worry no more, as we guide you through the simple steps that you can take to blow her away! Choosing an Eternity Ring Eternity rings come in all shapes and sizes, this can make it a nightmare to decide between them, particularly from a beginner’s perspective...

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