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  1. September’s Birthstone: the Sapphire

    September’s Birthstone: the Sapphire
      Sapphires: what you should know!   Sapphires, we often think of them as beautiful blue gemstones, but surprisingly they come in a rainbow of colours. They are made from corundum and every colour except the red ones are called sapphires. The red ones are rubies. Sapphires can be white, grey, blue/green, violet, purple, orange, yellow, yellow/green, brown, peachy pink...
  2. Summer Essentials - Our Top 10

    Summer Essentials - Our Top 10
    As spring has now been and gone, we are well and truly enjoying the summer months. Relieve stress, relax and show your personality in your outfits this summer and compliment your wardrobe with some beautiful summer jewellery pieces. For many, a change in season is a great time to change up their wardrobe. And that is where we can help...
  3. Peridot: The Birthstone of August

    Peridot: The Birthstone of August
    The Peridot is an olive green gemstone that is ever-increasing in popularity. As August's birthstone, this gem has long been aligned with the zodiac sign of Leo. The peridot is also thought to symbolise harmony, peace and good health. In fact, it was used for centuries as a way to ward off evil as people slept. How Peridots are Made...
  4. Cluster Rings

    Cluster Rings
    Cluster rings are simply rings that encompass more than one diamond or gemstone. They come in a wide range of varieties, for example the halo ring, a cluster ring utilising a simple band or a cluster ring with a diamond-encrusted band or even multiple stones positioned in a line or flower shape. They can simply use diamonds or they can...

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