Diamond Insights

  1. Diamonds & Pearls: The Hot List

    Diamonds & Pearls: The Hot List
    Diamonds, are a girls best friend. Pearls are an elegant beauty. Together they are glamorous, fun and timeless! It’s no wonder celebrities just love wearing the duo.. Join the Diamond Boutique fashion police as we marvel about our top celebrity diamond-pearl outfits! Katy Perry American singer and songwriter, Katy Perry is one of the three beauties who has made our...
  2. The Diamond Planet

    The Diamond Planet
    It’s National Space Day today, so we think it’s only relevant we talk about our two favourite things: dreamy space and dazzling diamonds. In early 2004, scientists discovered a planet said to be made out of diamonds - twice as big as Earth. We think Kim Kardashian just fainted! After astronauts discovered this glittering star, it was given the name...
  3. A World Of Diamonds

    A World Of Diamonds
    Diamonds, dubbed “A Girl’s Best Friend”, are one of the most valuable gems available to us. Luxurious and exciting, diamonds make an immediate and striking impression. The diamonds we source not only boast perfect cuts but twinkle with absolute clarity. Take a virtual tour with us to find out more on the origins of our dazzling diamonds. First stop Ghana...
  4. Easy Diamond Guide

    Easy Diamond Guide
    Buying a Diamond is not an everyday task - so when time comes it can be very daunting! That's why Diamond Boutique has put together an easy to understand guide to buying the perfect Diamond - helping you understand the 4C's. CUT The cut of a Diamond determines its beauty. It shows how well the Diamond absorbs and reflects light...

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