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  1. Men's Wedding Rings

    Men's Wedding Rings
    We all know how much time and energy planning a wedding can take! So, why not remove one thing from your plate by choosing from our collection of Men's Wedding Rings? As you might expect, there are literally thousands of options available to you when it comes to wedding rings. You have the choice of the metal you use, the...
  2. Our Birthstone Gem Guide

    Our Birthstone Gem Guide
    One of the many amazing things about the gemstones we all know and love, is that most have been allocated the birthstone of a month in our calendar. This practice can be traced back to the bible, and is a tradition we are very happy has carried on. So, what are the birthstones for each month of the year? We...
  3. Moissanite Ring Gift Guide

    Moissanite Ring Gift Guide
    A cheaper alternative to Diamond, the Moissanite gemstone is a clear, elegant stone that is sure to add a touch of class to your jewellery. History of The Moissanite Gemstone The Moissanite gemstone was discovered in 1893 by Henri Moissan, a French chemist who mistakenly took the stone for Diamonds while examining rock samples from a meteor crater in Canyon...
  4. Yellow Gold Sapphire Rings

    Yellow Gold Sapphire Rings
    While we offer thousands of rings to choose from, there are very few that can match the true beauty of a Yellow Gold Sapphire ring. The deep blue hue of a true Sapphire matches many pairings, but there aren't many options that suit each other more than a yellow gold band and this classic gemstone. Sapphire Gemstones Sapphire gemstones are...

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