Gemstone Insights

  1. Scintillating Sapphires

    Scintillating Sapphires
    September’s birthstone is a unique one. Unlike other gemstones that are well known for a singular hue, Sapphires come in a wide range of colours, and each colour has its own characteristics. Read on to find out more about the lesser-known varieties of Sapphire. Bi Colour Sapphires: Bi-Colour Sapphires exhibit numerous colours that are visible to the naked eye. These...
  2. Precious Peridot

    Precious Peridot
    Move over emeralds, peridot gems are bringing a distinctive green elegance to the jewellery industry! This apple-green coloured gemstone is named after the Arabic word “faridat” which translates to gem. Read on to find out more about August’s fascinating gemstone. Discover the Peridot Formed deep underground, Peridot is a rare gem that exhibits yellow-green to an olive brown hue. The...
  3. A World of Colour

    A World of Colour
    When it comes to popular non-diamond engagement rings, rubies are right up there along with sapphires. Luxurious and vibrant, the fiery red tones of rubies are instantly recognisable and make a striking impression. Rubies from Diamond Boutique not only boast lavish warm tones but twinkle with absolute clarity. Read on to find out about the origins of our wondrous rubies...
  4. Pearls of Wisdom

    Pearls of Wisdom
    Dubbed “Tears of God”, “Drops of Moonlight” and the “Queen of Gems” pearls are the most unique gems available to us. It would only be fair to have an entire blog dedicated to this exquisite birthstone of June. Keep reading to find out about how pearls are formed, different types of pearls and the journey of pearls throughout centuries. How...

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