Gemstone Insights

  1. Aquamarine

    A popular and durable gemstone used often in engagement rings and eternity rings, aquamarine is believed to bring health and happiness to the wearer. Aquamarine is mined in several locations worldwide including Brazil, Russia and the United States. Aquamarine which is mid to deep blue in hue has a higher value than the more common lighter toned aquamarine gemstone. History...
  2. Emerald

    Since its first reported use by the ancient Babylonians the emerald has long been a popular choice of gemstone, with historical figures including Cleopatra holding them in high regard. Colombia and Zambia are the two main centres for modern emerald production, with Zambian emeralds being highly sought after for their strength and purer hues, making them the perfect gemstone for...
  3. Blue Topaz

    Blue Topaz
    The rarest of all forms of topaz, blue topaz is a highly coveted gemstone. While most forms of blue gemstone have been treated to produce a richer blue, naturally-occurring blue topaz does exist, although not in the rich, deep hues most people are used to seeing in blue topaz rings and other forms of jewellery that sport the gemstone. History...
  4. Pink

    Pink gemstones are believed to bring you serenity and contentment. It should relax you more and awaken your feelings of acceptance and soften any frustration that you might suffer. If that is not enough for you to choose pink, than maybe the fact that it is such a hot fashionable colour! Pink as a dominating and beautiful colour in fashion...

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