Gemstone Insights

  1. Citrine

    Extremely rare in its naturally-occurring form, citrine is a pale yellow gemstone that lends itself well in all forms of jewellery. Immortalised by big Hollywood names such as Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo, who were often seen wearing citrine necklaces and earrings, today natural citrine jewellery is certainly a highly sought item. History Citrine, a variety of Quartz, derives its...
  2. Tanzanite

    Found in only one location on the planet, Tanzanite is an exclusive coloured gemstone mined from Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The “multi-dimensional’ qualities of Tanzanite jewellery produce a unique shimmering hue that makes it a popular gemstone in engagement and eternity rings. History Despite forming some 585 million years ago, Tanzanite was only discovered in 1967. A Goan tailor, who...
  3. Blue Sapphire

    Blue Sapphire
    The blue sapphire is a stunning, deeply-coloured gemstone whose use can be traced back to ancient Persia. The beauty of this gemstone has led to blue sapphire engagement rings fast becoming the popular choice amongst celebrity and royal weddings, but it is also a popular choice of gemstone for wedding and eternity rings.  History The history of the blue sapphire...
  4. Amethyst

    A popular choice for a christening present for children born in February under the star sign of Pisces, amethyst is also often used as a gemstone in eternity rings and engagement rings. Amethyst was at one time perhaps one of the most highly regarded gemstones due its supposed healing and protective properties, as reported by both the ancient Egyptians and...

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