Jewellery Insights

  1. Preserve your Pearls

    Preserve your Pearls
    Following on from last week, we continue to celebrate this month’s gemstone, the glorious pearl. Pearls are a timeless gemstone, but they are also more fragile than other gemstones, making it important to preserve your pearls. Daily Care Being so beautiful it is naturally hard not to wear your pearls daily, just remember the following tips to help preserve your...
  2. Wedding Band Profiles

    Wedding Band Profiles
    Purchasing a wedding band should be one of the best parts of planning upcoming nuptials, but quite often it can be the element that many find most daunting. After all, it will be this ring that becomes the symbol of your marriage for years to come. Because of this it worthwhile devoting as much time as possible to researching the...
  3. Ring size guide

    Ring size guide
    At Diamond Boutique, we understand that finding the perfect fit is extremely important and difficult, especially if it's a surprise, that's why we have a created a simple and easy-to-understand ring size guide. Please use the guide below to help you find the right ring size, this table shows the inside circumference and diameter of each ring size. Inside diameter Inside...
  4. Jewellery Care

    Jewellery Care
    To keep your jewellery looking like new periodic care will be required to maintain its lustre. The easiest and best way to clean your jewellery is to use a soft brush, mild PH neutral soap and warm water. Once you have gently brushed your jewellery rinse thoroughly with clean warm water, then wipe and buff your jewellery with a soft...

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