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  1. Citrine vs. Celebrity

    Citrine vs. Celebrity
    Orange may be the new black, yet we’re sure not everyone can pull of this daring hue. With citrine being the birthstone of the month, we thought it’s only fair to have a citrine celebrity showdown. From stunning citrine jewllery to gorgeous citrine coloured gowns adorned by the top celebrities of Hollywood, it truly was a challenge narrowing down our...
  2. Proposing this Christmas?

    Proposing this Christmas?
    Christmas. Not only is it one of the most popular times to get engaged, it’s also one of the best times of the year to become engaged. Why? There’s a happy, festive spirit and gorgeous decorations almost everywhere. So if you’re thinking of proposing, why wait till later? You’ve got 31 days to make it work. Our top tip: start...
  3. Winter Wonders

    Winter Wonders
    Winter, it doesn’t officially start until December 21st, but the with the foggy mornings and sunsets at 4.26pm we’re feeling winter already! This cold and gloomy season isn’t our favourite but there sure are a couple of things about winter we do look forward to. Here are a few: Snow, it is both alluring and annoying. It sure is a...
  4. Curse or Carat?

    Curse or Carat?
    Diamonds and sapphires are well known for their glitz and glamour, however they also hold very dark and misfortunate histories. With Halloween around the corner, it’s only right we talk about the top four cursed jewels. Read on if you dare… The Hope Diamond Rumor has it that this 45.52ct diamond was originally stolen from a Hindu idol in the...

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