Diamonds, dubbed “A Girl’s Best Friend”, are one of the most valuable gems available to us. Luxurious and exciting, diamonds make an immediate and striking impression. The diamonds we source not only boast perfect cuts but twinkle with absolute clarity. Take a virtual tour with us to find out more on the origins of our dazzling diamonds. First stop Ghana, Africa’s golden child. With its welcoming beaches, rich culture, vibrant cities and diverse wildlife, Ghana has everything Africa has to offer. Ghana seems to have a love affair with nature, not only do they mine the best diamonds mother nature has to offer but are also well known for being one of the top gold-producing countries! ghana-diamonds   Mines in Ghana have yielded some of the worlds most beautiful and popular diamonds. Akwatia is a town built by diamonds, at one point it was the most productive diamond mine on producing millions of carats yearly. In more times the country has proven to be dealing with ‘clean diamonds’ therefore the demand for Ghanaian diamonds is once again increasing. Click here to view our dazzling array of diamond eternity rings. Next up, South Africa. This is a nation of diversity with over 51 million people of variety of cultures, languages and beliefs calling it home. The diversity also stretches from penguins waddling on the Cape to the hippos in the Limpopo River. If you’re interested in another kind of wildlife, hit the nightclubs in Cape Town for an unforgettable night!   south africa-diamonds Diamonds have been mined in South Africa since the 1860s, transforming the world’s supply of diamonds. One of the most exciting moments was on a Sunday in early1954, when a diamond measuring 426ct was unexpectedly found! South Africa maintains its position as a major diamond producer and is home to the most amazing pink and blue diamonds found in recent years. Click here to view our star range of diamond bracelets. Our final destination Botswana is home to natural wonders and amazing wildlife. This intriguing country is one of the best safari destinations, with more elephants than any other country roaming around the vast landscapes. Add on a trip to the Kalahari Desert, and it’s difficult to escape wild Africa at its best.   botswana-diamonds Botswana is a diamond rich country, producing up to 17.7% of the dazzling diamonds in the world! It’s no wonder diamonds count for nearly half of the government’s value. On one of our visits, we learnt that the country’s diamond revenue enables every child in Botswana to receive free education up to the age of 13. Turns out Diamonds are every child’s friend too! Click here to view our evergreen diamond earrings collection. Our jewellery experts frequently travel around the world, appreciating the beauty of each and every diamond we source. Our rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets are designed to truly bring out the splendor of each diamond.