tanzanite birthstone

A stunning blue stone discovered in the heart of Tanzania, the Tanzanite gemstone adds a unique beauty to the jewellery it is placed upon. Its deep, rich colour profile makes it a favourite among those looking for something special to give a loved one, and we think these gems have a lot to offer!

The Colour

As you might expect, Tanzanite is famed for its colour profile. In some lights, wearers can sometimes see a pink hue emanating from their blue stone. In others, its rarely seen intensity leaves a lasting impression.

There are a number of ways to grade the colour of a Tanzanite gemstone, each derived from those with intimate knowledge of what buyers would be looking for. The Tanzanite foundation have their own set of rules when looking into the quality of a gem, and this grading system  is now seen as the one most should follow.

According to The Tanzanite Foundation, the colour of a Tanzanite stone refers to the hue of the stone, and the degree of colour saturation. A true Tanzanite gemstone should show off strong hues of blue and violet, and are graded based on which colour is more prevalent. Stones that show in white light to be predominantly showing blue colours are graded as “Violetish Blue/ vb”. Conversely, stones with more violet tones are noted down as “bluish Violet/ bv”.

Frequently, larger stones are darker and more saturated with colour. While there is normally no price difference between violet and blue Tanzanite gems, a more saturated stone will be worth considerably more than a lighter one.

The Clarity

The clarity, or presence of natural flaws, in a Tanzanite stone can be marked as being eye clean, slightly included, moderately included, included and heavily included. As is true with all gemstones, the more clear a Tanzanite gem is the more expensive and rare it is.

The Cut

The proportions, cut and finish of a Tanzanite gemstone are important to get right. These aspects can vastly affect the quality and price of your gemstone, and must be carefully evaluated.

A good cut, the best of which is named ‘excellent’, shows off as much of the Tanzanite's brilliance as possible. This is the best option for truly showing off the new ring on your finger. But these cuts are not the only option when it comes to picking the dimension of your gemstone.

From ovals to octagons to the more traditional rectangular shapes, we offer Tanzanite rings in almost every shape you might be able to imagine.

The Confidence

The confidence of a gemstone is used only to evaluate Tanzanite rings. Each of these gemstones are accompanied by the mark of rarity tag, which assures that your Tanzanite has followed an ethical route to your door. The Tanzanite foundation deem confidence in your gemstone to be of paramount importance.

As is true of any gemstone, there is a lot to consider when purchasing a Tanzanite. At The Diamond Boutique, we offer the highest quality gemstones and a guarantee of an ethical route to our store. Have any glaring questions about purchasing a gemstone ring? Call our friendly team today to find out how we might be able to help!