aquamarine Aquamarine is one of many gemstones we offer at Diamond Boutique, and it is certainly one of our favourites. Emanating a calming light-blue colour, its soft hues and simplicity make it a perfect match for almost any outfit choice. Be it a statement piece or a sleek design, if your next favourite jewellery option encompasses this mesmerising stone it is sure to be a winner. So, what is it that has made this stone a must-have, and why do we love it so much?

About Aquamarine

The Aquamarine gemstone is a part of the Beryl family, which also offers stones such as: Morganite, Goshenite, Yellow Beryl, and Emeralds. It naturally exhibits a hexagonal crystal system that is mesmerizing to view, and simply adds to how special this gemstone is! It has long been revered by Roman Sailors and Egyptian Pharaohs, all of whom believed in its apparent lucky properties. Over generations, these myths and legends have morphed into modern variation, but one thing always remains the same: Aquamarine is a stone that causes all who see it to fall in love.

The Legends of the Aquamarine Gemstone

Nicknamed the “water of the sea” by Roman fishermen, Aquamarine has long been linked to the water and the seas. It has found popularity as a good-luck charm for those travelling by boat, or those catching fish. Many believe the Sumerians, Egyptians, Hebrews and Greeks all gave this stone special importance. In fact, it is rumoured that beads have been discovered with Egyptian mummies. In the modern era, Aquamarine is one of the two birthstones assigned to the month of March, as well as being the gem of choice for those celebrating their 19th year of marriage. To this day, many believe it brings luck and calm to the sometimes stormy waters of marriage.

The Colour

Many are drawn to this beautiful gemstone because of its mesmerising colour, which can vary from pale blue to deep blues that reminds many of the ocean. Reminiscent of an evening’s walk along a picturesque beach, this gem does nothing but conjure warmth and calm. When choosing aquamarine gemstones, colour is an important factor to be considered. As with most gemstones, the more even the colour of an Aquamarine gem the more precious it is. This is certainly something to look out for, as are the commercially produced pristine stones.

The Cut

The cutting options for Aquamarine stones is important to the overall look of your jewellery, that much is clear! These gemstones are a favourite of most gemstone cutters because they offer so many options; there really is very little you can’t have when it comes to an Aquamarine gem. It is also great to remember, when it comes to the cut you are looking for, that Aquamarine gemstones are ‘pleochroic’, which means they show different colours in different directions. That can add a fascinating new aspect to the stone, and certainly impacts the shape you may want to cut it to.

Diamond Boutique

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