Large Bespoke Gemstone Designs

Looking for something truly spectacular to pop the question with? Why not take a look at our collection of bespoke engagement rings?

We know how important it is to get everything right when it comes to something as important as asking that special question. So,  building your ring from scratch with our Art Of Possible service might just be the perfect plan for you. With a range of gemstones, metals and styles to choose from, we really do offer the chance to design your perfect ring. After all, who doesn't want their partner to get their dream engagement ring? At Diamond Boutique, we offer bespoke engagement rings in almost every style you could imagine. Need some inspiration? We've put together some of our favourite ideas. And, if you need a little extra help, our experts are always on hand.

The Gemstone

The gemstone is a vital aspect of any ring. That's why it's lucky that we have so many options, in so many beautiful cuts.

Group Of 3 Blue Gemstones

One of the most important decisions when designing a ring is the gemstone that takes centre stage. After all, it catches the eye first. There are many options available to you when it comes to the gemstone you can choose. These range from the traditional to the unusual; the choice is yours!

Single Blue Gemstone In Box

Diamonds are an ever-popular choice for those interested in the sparkle and shimmer of a traditional stone. They offer elegance and sophistication and produce the wow factor. Or, for something a little different, a tourmaline gemstone offers a blue colour that everyone will remember.

Blue Sapphire Gemstone

When picking a gemstone, it is important to do a little research on the cut, clarity and colour you are looking for. The clearer the gem and the more intense the colour, the more expensive it will become. You set your budget and we’ll find a gemstone for you! The gemstones you choose can be placed into any band, and used to create any ring you might want. In fact, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer you an unbelievable selection of gems and jewels to choose from.

The Band

The metal you choose for your band needs to be equal parts durable and beautiful, and that is where we come in.

Man Holding Bespoke Ring

At Diamond Boutique, we are able to place your gemstone on any band you desire. So, the ball really is in your court when it comes to the style you are looking for. When designing your ring, you will need to consider the width of the band you are looking for and the durability of the metal.

Blue Sapphire And Diamond Ring

Platinum and gold both offer strong, reliable and beautiful options. By adding minerals such as copper, gold can be transformed into whatever shade you might desire. So, you’ll have the choice between rose, white, yellow, red or pink. But the choice really is all yours!

Engaged Couple Engaged Couple In Field Woman With Engagement Ring On

Our Favourite Bespoke Designs

In our many years of work, there have been a few stand-out bespoke designs that we can't wait to show off. So, we've included a few of these finished products for you to take a look at. And you never know, you might just get a few ideas for your own bespoke design. These rose gold & diamond combinations are beautifully elegant designs.

Rose Gold & Diamond Kite Ring Large Rose Gold Ring

Next up, we've paired a stunning blue sapphire with dazzling diamonds.

Blue Sapphire And Diamond Ring Oval Halo Sapphire Ring

Is there anything more dazzling than an emerald? We don't think so! And that's why we love our next designs so much. In these rings, an emerald stands tall at centre stage.

Bespoke Ring Blue Gemstone Square Emerald Ring

In addition to our unique designs, we have more traditional looks. Here are two diamond rings.

White Gold & Diamond Circle Ring Simple Diamond Ring

Finally, the subtle elegance of our light blue and multi-diamond designs cannot be understated. It really does make these rings stand out from the crowd.

Unique Multi Diamond Ring Subtle Blue Gemstone Ring