Natural Amethyst One of the many amazing things about the gemstones we all know and love, is that most have been allocated the birthstone of a month in our calendar. This practice can be traced back to the bible, and is a tradition we are very happy has carried on. So, what are the birthstones for each month of the year? We have put together a short birthstone rings guide, to give you an idea of the special meaning behind each possible birthstone.

January: Garnet

For the first month of the year, the deep red Garnet is an excellent representation of the dark beauty January can hold. Garnet, formed from silicate minerals discovered in the Bronze age, can come in almost any colour. The most popular of which is, of course, the red. Perhaps the lesser-known of the red gemstones available, Garnet is a more common, more affordable gemstone that still offers the complex hues and intense tones of a Ruby.

February: Amethyst

The light violet of the amethyst gemstone is one we all know and love. This stone has a long, beautiful history. Steeped in mythology, Amethyst was first noted by the Ancient Greeks who thought it powerful in aiding a soldier to victory. In fact, it was once said that Saint Valentine wore a ring set with an antique Amethyst carved with an image of Cupid.  The Amethyst gemstone is a simple, refined option for anyone looking for a unique ring or a gift for someone special.

March: Aquamarine

The light blue of an Aquamarine gemstone has long represented the beauty of the sea. Roman fishermen named this stone the "water of the sea", while its beads were discovered on the mummified bodies of Egyptian pharaohs. It is impossible not to notice the tranquil tones of this ever-popular gem.  Its calming hues and simple design are perfect for every outfit choice or celebration.

April: Diamond

It is no surprise that we at Diamond Boutique love the birthstone for April: a diamond. This classic choice can make any piece of jewellery truly spectacular.  If you like a little sparkle in your accessories, a Diamond is a perfect way to achieve this. Its shimmer is unmistakable as it draws the eye of all who view it.

May: Emerald

Those born in May are the lucky few that enjoy the everlasting beauty of an Emerald gemstone.  This ever-popular choice offers deep, complex hues that truly shine when hit by sunlight. In fact, perhaps the best way of describing this beautiful gem was first noted in Rome’s Pliny the Elder’s Natural History, stating “nothing greens greener”.

June: Pearl or Alexandrite

The month of June offers two birthstones, both equal in elegance and grace: Pearl and Alexandrite.  While Pearl has long been a popular choice for sophisticated fashion, Alexandrite is certainly one of the lesser-known gemstone options. Its somewhat controversial history dates back to Imperial Russia, where it was found in Emerald mines and later assigned the official gemstone of Imperial Russia’s Tsardom.

July: Ruby

Mention of Ruby or deep-red stones can be found in history books dating back centuries. One of the most historically significant coloured stones, note of it can even be found in Ancient Hindu text as offerings to the god Krishna. Today, it still finds its way onto highly sought after jewellery, offering an almost unmatched grace and complexity of colour.

August: Peridot

Unbeknownst to some, Emerald is not the only green gemstone one can find. In fact, the birthstone of August, Peridot, brings to the table a calmer, cooler green that is a truly unique alternative to the Emerald we all know and love.

September: Sapphire

Blue Sapphires have enjoyed an incredible history as perceived protectors from envy and harm. And as far as we are concerned, why wouldn’t these fantastic gemstones be lauded as one of the greatest that can be found? Whether for its healing properties (now renounced) or its striking colour palette, most would be hard-pressed to find a gem that draws them in more.

October: Tourmaline & Opal

In October’s birthstone options, another couple can be found. First up, the Tourmaline that has long tricked conquistadors and emperors into believing that it is in fact an emerald in disguise. While it can come in a more wide-ranging colour profile than other gemstones, its common green tones make it hard to miss. Or, if the pleasant tones of the Opal is more your thing, then October babies have the perfect birthstone alternative. In this stone, specks of dazzling colour shine through a milky white shade, offering something that resembles summer more than it does the dark October.

November: Topaz & Citrine

It is no surprise to us that the deep orange of the Citrine gemstone was once thought to soothe anger and calm tempers. After all, it’s simple hues and beautiful tones could put anybody in a good mood.  Citrine is not the only choice for those born in November. Topaz can also represent this month, offering a stone that can come in colours from blue to red and that never ceases to disappoint, no matter how long it is looked at.

December: Tanzanite, Zircon & Turquoise

The Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise gemstones may not share the same colour palette, but they do all represent the birthstones of December.  While Tanzanite’s rich blue is definitely hard to miss, the complexity of a Turquoise gemstone steals the show for some. Its hues of green and blue intertwine endlessly, offering a mesmerizing colour profile.  Last, but certainly not least, is the Zircon stone. Serving as the more modern birthstone for December, its orange and brown tones offer a warm, calming look.