heart necklace

We all know that January can be a difficult time. The Christmas festivities have ended, and the new year is something we all have to adjust to. So why not brighten up your winter with a pendant from Diamond Boutique.

Our Options

Our collection of pendants is almost as extensive as our rings. And, just like with the rest of our jewellery, we have spared no expense to bring you beautiful options.

From blue Sapphires to black diamonds, we have packed in as many different gemstones as possible into our group of pendants. This means that each one is uniquely bright and colourful. Is there anything better than new jewellery that truly sparkles?

Our Favourite Options

Our collection is ever-growing and includes some truly distinct pieces. We know it can be difficult to pick your favourite, with so many options to choose from. So we have picked out some of our favourites for you to take a look at.

The Smoky Quartz Pendant

The Smoky Quartz Pendant holds a dark, mysterious gemstone in pride of place. This pendant brings together mesmerising diamonds and a dark quartz to create something that offers a little of everything.

A round-brilliant cut offers a refined, spectacular shape that we think will go great with any outfit.

Our Halo Pendants

At The Diamond Boutique, we offer a number of halo pendants. These options bring together larger, fascinating gemstones and smaller diamonds to offer a light, clean feel to the necklace of your choice. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one, these pendants can be hard to say no to!

The Egg Blue Sapphire Pendant

If you need a statement piece, the egg blue sapphire pendant is certainly one to consider! A large blue Sapphire is wrapped in a string of diamonds to give a cross pattern that pits two distinct colour profiles together.

The blue sapphire is a long-loved gemstone that jewellery enthusiasts have always sought after, and with this necklace, it is not difficult to find out why.

Find out more about the necklaces we offer, as well as the other jewellery that makes up our collection. We’re sure you’ll find something that you love.