Are you in search of the perfect peridot ring? Maybe you have an August birthday approaching? If so enjoy our quick and easy guide to finding the best ring for you.

The Peridot Colour

Peridot is popular for its dazzling lime colour. But it also has a few other variants of colour so it's no surprise that you will find some stones including yellow and brown hues. Pure green peridot is somewhat rare, unlike the yellowish-green stones that you will often come across. Brown peridot stones are less desired and so far less valuable. It is worth mentioning that the best peridot stones are those which don't include any secondary tones. These are extremely rare to find and are most likely to be found in larger sizes.

The Clarity

When looking at a Peridot stone, it is usually clean with no inclusions. However because the stone is fairly transparent, if there were any inclusions it would be easy to notice them. When inclusions have occurred in Peridot stones it will result in drops in desirability as well as the loss of value. Inclusions that have occurred can cause clouded peridot, which occurs in the shape of a lily pad. There are also occasions where impurities from other minerals have formed which will appear black. It is imperative to thoroughly check the stones before purchasing, although these inclusions wouldn't be hard to miss.

The Cut

This gemstone is no different from any other when it comes to the cut. Peridot can be cut into all the desired shapes including round, princess, marquise, oval, emerald, radiant, heart and cushion. As its highly transparent, it's no wonder that most jewellers tend to facet it in order to enhance its radiance. However, this stone is very fragile and is rather difficult to cut. It is known for cracking and shattering during the process! As well as this the rough can contain many inclusions and impurities. Therefore, it requires expert workmanship when it comes to cutting.


Typically, you will find that Peridot is always in its natural form, unlike other gemstones it does not have to be treated to enhance its appearance. The colour and performance are completely original. But, there are some synthetic versions on the market, which can be hard to distinguish so it is important that you check the stone thoroughly before you purchase. You can check the stone with the naked eye by seeing if there are any tints of other colours. Also, see if the stone changes colour when under different light sources. Even the best varieties of peridot include slight different tones, you can rest assured that authentic Peridot will never change colour under any light source.

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