emerald engagement ring

Are Diamonds The Only Choice For Your Engagement Ring?

Undoubtedly, diamonds still remain the most popular choice when it comes to engagement rings. But for those looking for something a little different, there are a range of other gemstones that are making their way into the popular canon. One such gemstone is the gorgeous emerald. It adds a unique and exotic flavour to your proposal, and carries with it a history of proverb and ancient belief - stemming back to Ancient Egypt, the Romans and their goddess of love, Venus. This makes it a truly enchanting gemstone ring entwined with a regal and rich history. But why has it become so popular recently? In this article we’ll take a look at why choosing an emerald engagement ring is becoming more and more the norm.

It’s beautifully unique.

First and foremost, choosing an emerald engagement ring is a fantastic way to offer something unique to your partner. It’s perhaps a way of suggesting that your relationship or love is more than just a traditional love story - there’s something deeper. Not only is it symbolically unique, but an emerald makes for a truly enchanting ring that complements any skin tone beautifully.

It has a rich history.

As mentioned previously, emeralds have a rich history spanning many cultures and beliefs. From being both intrinsically linked to Ancient Egyptian culture and representing the Roman goddess Venus, emeralds represent Hope, Prophecy, Calmness & Faithfulness between lovers - all beautiful virtues that will certainly help a marriage flourish.

Emeralds complement a variety of styles.

With emerald engagement rings, simple, vintage styles work well alongside more lavish, custom designs. With a variety of different cuts available, emeralds are versatile and can satisfy any number of different tastes. As such, 18 carat yellow and rose-gold metals are a beautiful choice to complement the elegant hue of the emerald, as well as providing adequate support with the right amount of delicacy. All in all, emeralds are a fantastic choice for any ring, be it an engagement ring or simply a unique gift. If you’re thinking of purchasing an emerald ring, feel free to take a look at our extensive collection.