jewellery gift Does she wear rings? Does she have her ears pierced? How often does she wear necklaces? These are all questions you want to be asking yourself (and hopefully know the answer to!) when it comes to choosing the perfect jewellery gift for your partner this Christmas. But that’s not all. This is just the first stage when it comes to finding the perfect jewellery piece to add to her collection. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Find The Right Jewellery Piece

As we’ve just mentioned, it’s first important to work out exactly what kind of jewellery your partner loves to wear. If you see the person regularly, take notice of the kinds of pieces they like to wear, and of course, if you live with them - even better - have a look at their current jewellery collection to give you an idea. Alternatively, if you live apart and don’t often get to spend time with each other, a quick look online on her socials may be a great way to discover what kind of jewellery she loves to wear. Instagram can be a useful visual guide in that respect!

Choose The Right Metal

The most popular metal types are generally gold, silver and rose gold, which can be an important choice to make when choosing jewellery. Of course, this can again be ascertained by taking a look at your partner’s current collection. If you notice a trend towards one or the other, it might be worth going for that option. If there’s a variety of different metals, chances are she won’t mind which one you go for, so it’s all down to you (No pressure)! Now that you have an idea of the piece you’re looking for, let’s take a quick look at the options.


Rings are of course a staple gift when it comes to classic jewellery pieces, however, be careful if you are looking to buy one as a gift without the intention of proposing. Of course, you can buy a ring without needing to propose, but often it brings up these ideas and can come across as a little confusing. But, that’s entirely down to the individual! Rings are also one of the hardest gifts to purchase as a surprise, as you’ll need to know her finger size. The best way, of course, is to borrow one from her collection and take it to a jeweller who can check the size.


If your partner is fond of wearing necklaces, purchasing one as a gift is a fantastic way to show that you take notice, as well as being a lifelong gift. For a personal touch if you’re looking for inspiration, look up her birth month to find the corresponding gemstone, and purchase one with it embedded. The only thing to consider is how long the chain should be. Bearing in mind that the ‘normal’ length for a necklace is 18 inches, if she prefers shorter or longer chains you can choose one with this as a point of reference.


Earrings always make a fantastic gift, and you generally can’t go wrong with choosing some simple diamond (or otherwise) studs. If she prefers more elaborate styles it can become a bit trickier, but if you find something similar (with your own personal touch) to what she owns already, you can’t really go wrong. Again, finding out her birthday month gemstone is a sure-fire way to add that personal, thoughtful touch.