Getting a custom engagement ring designed for your partner can be a beautiful way to share your appreciation, and make that special moment even more special. But, it’s not always as simple as thinking up a design and snapping your fingers. That’s why we’ve put together a few handy tips to consider when it comes to designing your custom engagement ring. Custom Sketch

Allow for extra time.

Designing your own custom ring is going to take a lot longer than simply choosing one out of a jeweler’s display case. As such, you should allow yourself extra time - there’s no last minute when it comes to bespoke!

Set your budget beforehand.

It can be a costly process if you don’t consider your budget before you begin designing your ring. Consider talking over your budget with your jeweler, and they’ll be able to advise you on what is and what isn’t plausible.

Choose your jeweler carefully.

You shouldn’t accept half-measures when it comes to bespoke jewellery. Consider carefully which jeweler you choose; take a look at some of their previous work, or scour their reviews to ensure the service is up to scratch. Then, not only will your partner appreciate your expert taste, but you can be sure you’ll be getting a top quality design.

Find your inspiration.

Of course, everyone’s taste and inspiration will be different, so there’s no catch-all advice we can give here. If you’re lost for ideas - but know you want something truly unique - it can be a good idea to browse existing collections and see if there’s an idea that catches your eye.

Consider your partner's taste.

This probably seems like a fairly obvious tip, but you’d be surprised how often people can get swept up in designing a ring that they love, as opposed to their partner. Sharing tastes is of course an added bonus, but if you’re not too sure on what designs they like best, it can often pay to have a sneaky peek at some of the jewellery they already own - or even take them out shopping and see what catches their eye; just don’t make it too obvious!

Decide on your materials.

Once you’ve figured out a shape and design, it’s time to consider what materials will best suit your bespoke masterpiece. It’s important to also consider your budget at this stage, but other than that, let your imagination run wild. Whether you choose the classic, timeless diamond, or search for something a little different, it’s important you make a choice that feels right. Looking to craft your perfect custom engagement ring? Get in touch with us on 0203 6959 885 or fill out the design form on our website to begin your bespoke jewellery journey.