Diamond Pendant The use of pendants and necklaces dates back to around 40,000 B.C., so it’s certainly not something new to want a beautiful piece draped around your neck! The first bead necklaces, titled Adam and Eve jewellery, have come a long way. Now, precious stones are embedded into beautiful metals to create beautiful designs that are perfect as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Our collection of diamond pendants is ever-growing, with more and more incredible options to pick from. So, to help you in your choice, we have put together some of our favourite options.

twin heart diamond pendant

Twin Heart Diamond Pendant

Which woman wouldn’t want a diamond encrusted heart pendant? Not one that we have ever met! So, it really is no wonder that our Twin Heart Diamond Pendant is so popular! Created with 105 diamonds, this diamond pendant truly sparkles. And its setting on a rose gold backing just makes it even more beautiful! For this necklace, two hearts have been brought together, each with their own individual beauty. Separately they are spectacular, but they really shine when complementing each other. It is through this exquisite design that the beauty of the diamond is celebrated alongside the simple elegance of the heart. ruby pendant in white gold

Ruby Pendant in White Gold

Sometimes simple is best. That’s why we love the Ruby Pendant in white gold. This necklace combines a beautiful Burmese ruby with a traditional link style chain. Designed to be perfect for any occasion, from smart business wear to a night on the town, this pendant fits perfectly with any outfit. After all, its classic beauty makes it an excellent statement piece wherever your night might take you.

amethyst halo pendant

Amethyst Halo Pendant

The entrancing purple of the amethyst gemstone is hard to miss. And, coupled with an elegant diamond, it adds a unique elegance to any piece of jewellery. Our Amethyst Halo necklace is one of our favourite diamond pendants, offering a playful exuberance to the class of a diamond gemstone. All placed on 18 carat white gold, this pendant is a fun and interesting, a gift that we’re sure a special someone will enjoy! vogue blue sapphire pendant

Vogue Blue Sapphire Pendant

Last but certainly not least, our Vogue Blue Sapphire pendant is a masterpiece. With 9 sapphires and 129 pave diamonds, it is a celebration of what can be achieved when master jewellery creators add together two breathtaking gemstones. If you’re looking for a diamond pendant to take somebody’s breath away, then this necklace is certainly for you! Incredible for that very special occasion, this piece of jewellery is sure to make you feel on top of the world.