What's more quintessentially romantic than a diamond ring? As far as we're concerned, not much! But how do you decide what the perfect diamond ring is? And how do you know what are the engagement ring trends in 2022 and the engagement ring trends to avoid in 2022. We have put together some of our favourite tips for picking the best diamond ring for those of you getting engaged in 2022.


The Perfect Diamond Ring


The perfect diamond ring is not set in stone. It isn’t the same ring for everyone. What is perfect for you may not be perfect for your best friend or your sister! There are hundreds of engagement ring styles to choose from, and the best ring for you is dependent on your personal style and taste. There is no such thing as the 'best diamond ring' as it's all down to personal choice. However, at Diamond Boutique, we offer diamond engagement rings in lots of different styles, cuts and metals that you're bound to find something you'll have your heart set on.


The Cut


The cut of a diamond dictates how many facets it has and thus determines its brilliance. A diamond with an excellent cut will have exceptional amounts of brilliance and radiance and will essentially be an exceptional diamond overall. In choosing the cut of the diamond, you have the option to go for something traditional, such as a brilliant diamond, or something a little more unique like an emerald cut diamond.

Each different cut highlights a separate part of your ring, and can be used in many ways. For example, there are different cuts – brilliant, princess, Asscher, radiant, emerald and cushion. And often people will use the terms ‘cut’ and ‘shape’ interchangeably but they are different things. However, if you wish to maximise the light shown from your diamond, a brilliant cut might just be perfect. Or if you want something in an octagon shape with heaps of glamour then an emerald cut could be the one for you.

To ensure your diamond has a great cut allowing for the best light reflections, cuts of diamonds are graded. The GIA ( Gemological Institute of America) grades diamonds as being ‘excellent’, ‘very good’, ‘good’ ‘fair’ and ‘poor’. At Diamond Boutique all of our diamonds are of a ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’ standard for their cut, ensuring that you will get a beautiful diamond for your money.

When considering cuts, there are so many options to choose from that it might be impossible to pick just one. If you're stuck on which to choose, ask our team and they can help point you in the right direction.


The Colour


One of the hallmarks of a diamond ring is the colour. If you are looking to purchase a traditional ring, clear diamonds are certainly the way to go. But diamonds do come in a range of colours and there is lots of variety within the ‘white’ diamond category too.

White diamonds are also graded upon their colour as they do vary greatly. The GIA grades colour (or lack of it) in letters D to Z. D – J are colourless and K to Z are on the yellow scale. At Diamond Boutique, our diamonds on our ready to wear rings are either E, F or G giving you a really beautiful clear diamond. If you prefer a more yellow diamond, then contact us here to design your own bespoke ring.

A blue and pink diamond.

However, we also offer rings adding together the class of a diamond and the bright colour of another gemstone to create something special. Maybe you are looking to be a little more unique and want to steer away from the traditional colours. For example, the black diamond has been increasing in popularity, as they offer an extremely distinctive look and have become highly desirable. The beauty of diamonds are that you can pair multiple colours together on one ring. This way you will never need to make the incredibly hard decision of choosing one colour.


The Design – 2022 Trends


Our designs are all unique. They offer something special and are a fantastic way to show off your new diamond. The designs of our diamond rings range from clusters of small stones to one large one. We have something for absolutely everyone, with a range of cuts, sizes, and colours.

2022 has shown to be the year of fancy cut diamonds so far. Having recently revealed our ‘Places Collection’ of diamond engagement rings, we can proudly say that our new collection of rings is absolutely on trend. So far this year we have seen oval shaped diamonds rising in popularity and becoming our bestsellers. The celebrities getting engaged this year are opting for fancy cuts too with some pretty special square or princess cut diamond engagement rings being unveiled. Platinum is the metal of choice and lab grown diamonds are beginning to take centre stage! 2022 has some really fantastic engagement ring trends for you to get inspiration from.


Fancy Cuts mean Fancy Rings


Some of the world’s celebrities that have got engaged in 2022 have opted for some amazing engagement ring styles that include fancy diamond cuts. Fancy diamond shapes are any shape other than the classic round brilliant cut diamond and thus include oval, pear, marquise, emerald cut etc.

Jennifer Lopez has recently got engaged to Ben Affleck (again) after an 18 year split. Jennifer’s ring is a stunning vivid green roughly 8 carat diamond that is exceptionally rare. It is flanked by two further trapezoid diamonds (a four sided shaped diamond with two sides running parallel and two sides slanting inwards. Like a triangle with the top trimmed off!). It really is a stunning ring and the colour of the diamond is remarkable.

Our Aiko Peridot and Diamond Ring is a contender for a similar ring in style and colour but for a fraction of the price (Jennifer’s reportably being worth $3 million)! The peridot is a gemstone that can be light greens, darker greens and yellowish greens so is perfect for someone who doesn’t have the budget of Ben Affleck, but has a partner who loves greens just like Jennifer.

A further choice for those loving green stones and an engagement ring trend in 2022 is to choose an emerald engagement ring like our Devi Emerald Ring. This ring features a beautiful octagon shaped emerald at its centre specially chosen for its splendid colour. It is framed by two baguette shaped diamonds adding huge amounts of sparkle to the design.

But if you’d like to stick to the more traditional and opt for a diamond engagement ring in a style similar to these, we have some really dazzling designs in our new Places Collection for you to choose from. Two designs that stand out here are our Mumbai Diamond Ring and our Hong Kong Diamond Ring. For more information about our Places Collection, read our blog here.

Our Mumbai Diamond Ring is available in three different carat weights and three different qualities of diamond giving you lots of choice to choose the perfect ring that is within your budget. This art deco inspired ring has straight lines and geometry that emphasise the emerald cut stone at its centre. It has beautiful and retro milgrain detail that outlines the main stone and the accents. This ring has clean lines and is elegant, intricate and sophisticated.

Our Hong Kong Diamond Ring is a stunner with three central stones, an emerald cut stone in the centre and two baguettes to the sides. The entire band is decorated with further small round brilliant diamonds to accentuate the ring’s shine and sparkle. Perfect for someone who loves glamour and drama in their jewellery.


Why Choose Platinum?


Platinum is the metal of choice right now. It is a definite engagement ring trend today! At Diamond Boutique we offer all of our rings in the four different metal choices, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum, but platinum seems to be the most popular choice right now.

Platinum offers the perfect choice for a versatile metal that doesn’t fade or tarnish ensuring it stays beautiful for much longer. It is more rare than gold and as a consequence is more expensive but it retains its sparkle more as it radiates light. And it is a really strong and durable metal that is more resistant to scratches and damage. It is a dense metal that is heavier than white gold too.

Platinum is a natural silver coloured metal unlike white gold which is made white by introducing other metals to it for example nickel. Platinum is less likely to cause allergic reactions than white gold as it is more pure and hypoallergenic so again the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. White gold rings are often plated with rhodium to enhance the silver colour in the metal. Platinum rings don’t need to be rhodium plated either, potentially saving time, money and convenience as you won’t need to get this done regularly.

Rose gold, white gold/platinum and yellow gold rings in our New York Ring design


Why Choose Lab Grown?


Lab grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular and for very good reason. Lab grown diamonds are firmly in the engagement ring trends in 2022 because as the name suggests, they are produced in a laboratory but have the same physical, chemical and visual properties as a natural diamond, but none of the drawbacks.

Lab grown diamonds are formed in laboratories which are highly controlled environments that essentially duplicate the process that occurs in nature. Lab grown diamonds come in the colourless variety but also the coloured variety too where small amounts of trace elements are added – just like in nature – and the diamond now takes on a beautiful colour hue. These diamonds can only be identified as lab grown diamonds by using special equipment and expert knowledge, so no one will be able to identify your diamond on your finger as being lab grown.

If the environment is important to you, then lab grown diamonds are the answer. Although our natural diamonds are ethically sourced, other companies may not follow the same practices. And lab grown diamonds are totally mining free and ethically produced and sourced.

Secondly, lab grown diamonds can prove to be much more cost effective allowing you to meet your budget or even allowing you to buy a much bigger stone for your money. It’s a win win situation!

Interestingly, lab grown diamonds can be even better quality than your naturally formed diamonds too. These diamonds are formed under such controlled conditions, the diamonds can often have fewer defects and are often really stunningly beautiful stones. You don’t need to worry about getting a independently certified diamond either when buying lab grown as these diamonds come with a certificate just like the natural ones do. This certificate will have all of the same information on it as the natural diamond certificate does, but it will indicate that it is lab grown. That’s the only difference. The stones are graded in just the same way too showing just how similar these stones are. A lab grown diamond can be used in any engagement ring style and come in the same shapes and sizes as naturally found diamonds. For information about investing in diamonds and whether lab grown diamonds make good investment pieces, read our blog ‘Thinking of investing in diamonds? A winning idea or a fool’s game?’.


Want a Bespoke Design?


Furthermore, if you don't seem to find the ring you are looking for on our website then get in contact with our team. We are extremely passionate about jewellery and want you to have the perfect diamond and or gemstone ring. We provide bespoke diamond and gemstone rings, so let's make your dream ring a reality. And if you find a ring on our pages that you like but you’d like to use a lab grown diamond or a coloured diamond or a different coloured gemstone, we can do that too! Just get in touch here to start the process.