Cluster rings are simply rings that encompass more than one diamond or gemstone. They come in a wide range of varieties, for example the halo ring, a cluster ring utilising a simple band or a cluster ring with a diamond-encrusted band or even multiple stones positioned in a line or flower shape. They can simply use diamonds or they can use other gemstones and diamonds. There are many options on offer.

Traditional Diamond Cluster Ring

The use of gemstones and diamonds in this way creates a fascinating collage of glistening gems that would impress anyone. A benefit of buying a cluster ring is that it can often produce more sparkle and because the diamonds are smaller, this can be a more cost-effective way of buying a truly impressive and mesmerising ring. For example, if you choose to buy a diamond cluster ring surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, this will give the illusion of being a larger stone! A great choice to get more sparkle for your money!

The History of Cluster Rings

A style that dates back to Georgian fashion; cluster rings have a fascinating history. The first cluster rigs, aptly named Georgian clusters, mostly included the classic oval gemstone, surrounded by smaller diamonds. Set in gold and blackened silver, Georgian creations are easily discernible. This style lasted until around the 1830s, where the Victorian style began to take precedent. In typical Victorian style, the cluster rings of this era were packed full of large diamonds and sparkle. Large sapphires met diamonds in unique styles and rubies became ever-more popular as a centrepiece to these incredible designs.

Sketch of a Cluster Ring

As the 1900s rolled on, the glamour of the Edwardian period shone through their cluster jewellery. Complete with rounded, elegant gemstones and often reflecting a floral pattern, Edwardian cluster rings took the jewellery world by storm. After this, the evolution of the cluster ring movement was into art deco. Reflecting the strong, unique art from the period, art deco rings include large deliberately placed gemstones. The styles and shapes were unique and lead to never before seen designs.

The Different Cluster Ring Designs

If you choose a cluster ring, there are a number of options available to you. One of these is, of course, the design of the ring. Let's take a look at some examples:

Option 1 - lots of diamonds!

One of the most common cluster ring designs include lots of small diamonds. They come together to create a dazzling piece that is sure to draw the eye. Our Anoki 18ct Diamond Cluster Ring is embellished with more diamonds than you might think possible at first. Its unique shape and remarkable sparkle make it one of a kind.

Anoki Diamond Cluster Ring

Another example of this kind of ring is the Anoki Diamond Cluster Ring. Its white gold interior holds 179 individual diamonds. The result? A ring that just won't stop sparkling.

Anoki Diamond Cluster Ring

Our Rose Gold Diamond Cluster Ring is yet another masterclass in unique, stand-out jewellery. It has a distinctive design, lined with elegant diamonds.

Rose Gold Diamond Cluster Rings

If glamour and sparkle is your thing, the Fancy Diamond Cluster Ring is bound to be right up your alley. It looks as if it holds thousands of diamonds, all added in their own special place.

Fancy Diamond Cluster Ring

Next up, our Mai Diamond Engagement Ring. The more you look at this masterpiece, the more you notice. The larger centre diamonds accentuate their smaller counterparts and its shape is simply beautiful.

Mai Diamond Engagement Ring

Our Alia Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold is a perfect example of the complexity and depth that can be offered by adding diamonds of different sizes to a design.

Alia Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

These pieces all share one common trait: a dazzle that is sure to immediately draw the eye. If your special someone is all about shine and sparkle, these designs might just be the perfect thing.

Option 2 - large stone surrounded by smaller diamonds

Another traditional cluster ring design includes a large, often oval-shaped stone in the centre of the ring. Surrounding this, smaller stones encrust the outer edges of the ring. One of our favourite examples of this is the Blue Topaz Halo & Damond Gold Ring. Similar to the cluster rings encrusted with smaller diamonds, the small gems surrounding this ring add a sparkle. However, its centre stone adds a sprinkle of elegance that is unrivalled.

Blue Topaz Halo and Diamond Gold Ring

Our Amethyst Gold Engagement Ring contains a beautiful stone. And when it is surrounded by diamonds, the result is a complex, vibrant ring.

Amethyst Gold Engagement Ring

Another beautiful example of this type of design is the Ruby Gold Engagement Ring. An amazing ruby takes centre-stage with a line of diamonds tailing around the ring.

Ruby Gold Engagement Ring

If you're looking for a royal shine to your jewellery, why not try our Ruby Cluster Gold Ring? Its gold band and deep ruby look as though they should be a part of the Crown Jewels.

Ruby Cluster Gold Ring

And finally, our Starlight Pink Sapphire Ring is perfect for that girly girl who loves all things pink. Its floral pattern and bright pink sapphire are playful and glamorous.

Starlight Pink Sapphire Ring

Option 3 - a line of gemstones or diamonds

The third and final most common cluster ring design encrusts gemstones in a line across their band. This option encompasses the sparkle that our first option provided, while also remaining refined and elegant.

We couldn't offer a list of our best cluster rings without including the Tanzanite Wishbone Ring. A masterclass in using simple design to elicit a fascinating result, the curves of this ring showcase each of its five tanzanite gemstones in a beautifully unique way.

Tanzanite Wishbone Ring

One of our favourite designs is the Three Stone Cluster Ring. Busy at the front and simple at the back; this choice offers 3 cluster jewels at its top, encased by a simple white gold band.

Three Stone Cluster Ring

Have we piqued your interest in cluster rings? If so, check out our website to find your favourite piece. Or, for something a little more unique, start your journey to a bespoke ring with our enquiry form.