As the summer creeps forward and we enter the hopefully sunny month of July, there are many things to look forward to. And, for those born in this mid-summer month, a dazzlingly beautiful birthstone comes alongside the long sunny days: the ruby.

Ruby Ring Being Made

Ruby Mythology

The ruby gemstone, similar to so many precious gems, has a vast history and importance in many different cultures.

Ruby in Tweezers

The ruby is noted in the Bible as the most precious of the 12 stones created by God. And this fascination is shared throughout the world's religions; in the Hindu religion, a ruby is called 'Ratnaraj', meaning 'king of the precious Gems'. Ancient Burmese soldiers believed that wearing a ruby gemstone on their left-hand side would make the wearer invincible. In fact, some went as far as to insert rubies underneath their skin, believing that this would make them safe from wounds and even make them more fierce in battle. Furthermore, some believed that rubies contain an inner fire, and that if you threw a ruby into water, the liquid would boil. In more modern spiritual times, beliefs suggest that the ruby could remedy bleeding and inflammation and increase body temperature.

About The Gemstone

Woman Wearing Ruby Engagement Ring

Natural rubies are very rare, and this rarity only increases when looking for larger gems. In fact, in most cases you may have to choose between a ruby with a dazzling colour or a ruby with a dazzling size. The two together are hard to find. Burma, now known as Myanmar, produces many of the world's rubies and has long been thought of as the origin of the brightest coloured gems. However, the size of the gems are typically small and rarely reach over one carat in size.

Woman With Ruby Engagement & Wedding Rings

To find large ruby gemstones, most look to Indonesia. Here, you'll find large stones in relative abundance. However, you'll have to settle for a slightly more muddy colour.

Ruby Rings

The classic ruby gemstone is a perfect fit if you are looking for an elegant ring. Be it for a unique gift or to pop the question, there is nothing that offers more grace than a ring such as this. At Diamond Boutique, we offer ruby rings in every style and shape you could imagine. The only thing you have to do is pick your favourite.

Woman With Ruby Rings on Each Hand

One of our most dazzling, the Mai Ruby & Diamond Ring is also one of our favourite designs. Encompassing 40 diamonds, its incredible luminosity is hard to miss.

Mai Ruby And Diamond Ring

Or, for something a little more simple, the Ruby Birthstone Gold Ring surrounds one beautiful stone in a simple band. This sleek design is equal parts stunning and discreet.

Ruby Birthstone Ring

Next up, the Vintage Ruby Halo Ring, inspired from the engagement jewellery of old.

Vintage Ruby Halo Ring

Everyone needs a pair of earrings that will go with everything, and for us, that has to be our Starlight Pear Ruby Stud Earrings.

 starlight pear ruby stud earrings

Or, why not be a little playful with the Pink Sapphire And Ruby Halo Earrings. Cute and unique, you really can't go wrong.

pink sapphire and ruby earrings

Classic and sophisticated, our Vintage Ruby Earrings With Milgrain offer up a statement piece fit for any high-class event.

vintage ruby earrings with milgrain

And last up, we have a handful of pendants that'll fit perfectly in any jewellery collection. Our Pink Sapphire and Ruby Halo Pendant is a colourful necklace that draws the eye and fits perfectly in a summer's day outfit.

pink sapphire and ruby halo pendant

Who doesn't like a bit of sparkle in their necklace collection? We've offered up a deep red ruby surrounded by glorious diamonds. The result? An Oval Ruby Pendant that'll take your breath away.

oval ruby pendant

We know how important it is to have jewellery that you can take with you every day. That is why our Ruby Pendant in White Gold is so perfect. Its simple design fits effortlessly with any outfit and yet it still offers the glamour we all need from time to time.

ruby pendant in white gold