We’re delighted to announce the launch of our beautiful new range of diamond engagement rings. Our ‘Places Collection’ has been inspired by some of the most beautiful places in the world and can be found in our Collections area on our website. We have meticulously and passionately designed these rings with current trends in mind to give you more choice, providing you with some great new looks and to give you inspiration for your proposal.


How the Designs Came to Life


The process of designing a new set of diamond engagement rings takes some time and careful consideration. We initially looked at our existing designs and looked at the current trends in the market. We wanted to design a collection that explored some of the ‘fancy cut diamond shapes’ (these are diamond shapes other than the classic ‘round’ shape) and as you can see from the collection these fancy shaped diamonds are the main feature of this collection. We also wanted to use these fancy cut shapes in more modern and unique ways to create some really special designs for our customers. Our brief was to create a collection of designs that are elegant and beautiful but would also stand out from the crowd. Once we had our focus, we created individual sketches of our designs and then produced 3D CAD models and other images to give you a beautiful visual of each of the designs. And so our Places Collection came to life!


Conflict Free, Ethically Sourced High Quality Rings


Our priority when producing our rings is sourcing stones that are not only magnificent diamonds, but diamonds that have been ethically sourced. This applies to all of our jewellery including our Places Collection. All of our rings are custom made when a customer purchases them. We then select the best diamonds to feature in them and ensure that they have been sourced in a conflict free way and that they are sourced environmentally responsibly. All of our diamonds come with a Kimberley Process Certificate.

Below are some of our pieces that we really want to showcase. We have organised them according to the cut of the centre stone.


Ovals are Outstanding!


Oval cut diamonds are a very popular cut of diamond (not quite as popular as the round brilliant cut, but are a close second). The oval cut diamond is deceptive as it looks bigger than it is in relation to its carat weight, this makes it more affordable. They are also highly brilliant (again not quite a sparkly as the round brilliant diamond but not far off!) which means that they have a lot of sparkle! And they are absolutely timeless. They will never date; always being classic and sophisticated!

Our St Lucia Diamond Ring is absolutely stunning yet encompasses simplicity and showcases a beautiful oval diamond. It is available in three different diamond centre stone sizes and the diamond is available in three different qualities. It is a classic design that is truly breathtaking. The show stopping oval centre stone is cradled by highly polished claws further accentuated by baguette diamonds on either side that amplify the fire and brilliance. The open basket allows light to reflect through the stone for extra sparkle. Simone Biles, the American artistic gymnast who is decorated with 32 Olympic and World Championship medals has recently got engaged to her partner Jonathan Owens. Her ring is beautiful and is very similar to our St Lucia Diamond Ring showing us that this style of ring is absolutely on trend at the moment.

Another of our designs in our Places Collection that is similar to Simone’s ring but arguably has more sparkle, is our Moscow Diamond Ring. This ring features a remarkable oval shaped diamond at its centre, but is surrounded by a halo of round brilliant diamonds. This distinctive design blends both the simplistic and the grandiose in perfect harmony. On the one hand, it features a very simple and classic band and on the other hand the arrangement of diamonds at the forefront provide maximum shine and allure. Choosing a diamond engagement ring with a halo can be beneficial to get the most shine and sparkle for a more affordable price. Often the halo can make the centre stone look larger from a distance.


Pears bring Personality


Pear shaped diamonds are equally as brilliant as the oval and the marquise cut, but not quite as sparkly as the round brilliant diamond, but that’s still a lot of sparkle! Because the bottom round section of the pear is the same as the round brilliant diamond, they get lots of their sparkle from here. The pear shaped diamond is a really attractive, eye catching shape that will stand out from the crowd. Pear shaped diamonds also look bigger than round diamonds as a lot of their weight is on the top surface. They’re very versatile, being used in fashionable and trendy designs making them both vintage and contemporary in different rings.

Another of our all time favourite rings in our new Places Collection is our Mauritius Diamond Ring which features two beautiful pears. This impressive and unique ring will definitely attract lots of attention. It is a contemporary design that features two identical pear shaped diamonds that will create the most radiant shine possible. The band is open and twists imaginatively enhancing the design. It also contains further diamonds on the band for extra lustre and luxury. This ring would make a prefect engagement ring for someone who likes to be unique and individual but also likes the finer things in life. Interestingly, Megan Fox the American actress and model has recently got engaged to her partner of 2 years Machine Gun Kelly. Her ring is exquisite and features a magnificent pear shaped emerald and pear shaped diamond configured in a very similar way to our ring here. If you fancy creating a more bespoke design based on our Mauritius Diamond Ring, you can contact us here where we can replace one or more of the diamonds in this ring with other coloured gemstones. This could make this already beguiling ring even more appealing for your bride to be.

If it’s a pear shaped diamond that you’re looking for, then look no further than our Toronto Diamond Ring which flaunts a stunning oval diamond positioned on its side for a distinct and unusual design. The sparkle is further amplified with a halo of small round brilliant diamonds surrounding the centre stone. The band is dainty and graceful completing the look.


Hearts win Hearts


Heart shaped diamonds are one of the most unique shapes available; some heart shaped diamonds are rounder at the top and some are more elongated. They’re a popular choice as they are an unmistakable symbol of love and can be more affordable than the round brilliant variety of diamond.

Another of our favourite designs in our Places Collection that features a fancy shaped diamond is our Venice Diamond Ring. This ring features a heart shaped diamond with a double halo surrounding it and to top it off, a double row of pavé diamonds on the band! Finding an engagement ring with a heart shaped diamond at its centre is every incurable romantic’s dream. And the additional diamonds surrounding the centre stone and on the band make this ring a real sparkler!

90s pop star, Avril Lavigne has been showing off her dazzling diamond engagement ring recently when she got engaged to Mod Sun. Her ring is very similar to ours as it features an exceptional heart shaped stone. It also has a band encrusted with pavé set diamonds. Ours features a double halo of diamonds around the heart shaped centre which emphasises the sparkle but makes the ring more affordable. For a ring more like Lavigne’s, contact us through our bespoke service here.


Marquise are Marvellous!


Another fancy shape of diamond is the striking marquise cut diamond. This cut maximises the carat weight and as a consequence makes the diamond look much larger than it is. It has 56 facets giving it superior sparkle and is an elliptical shape with two points at either end.

Our Porto Diamond Ring is a gorgeous example of a marquise cut diamond nestled in a halo of small round brilliants. It is a statement piece that uses the bezel set to secure the diamonds in place. This ring has an open basket allowing more light to penetrate the diamonds and thus create a radiant sparkle. The band is sleek and simple ensuring all focus is on the elegant and alluring stones.

Our India Diamond Ring is another exciting ring to reveal from our Places Collection! This is a magical arrangement of diamonds that gives the illusion of a four pointed star. Three diamonds make up the focal point at the front; a marquise and two smaller heart shaped diamonds. This is a very fancy ring indeed! The sparkle is continued on the band where small round brilliant cut diamonds provide maximum sparkle from all directions. This ring oozes elegance and class and most definitely stands out from the crowd.


Emerald Cuts Radiate Elegance


Emerald cut diamonds are quite different to the cuts mentioned above. They come in rectangle shapes and square shaped stones. They look more chiselled and have steps in them with straight lined facets. An excellent example of an emerald cut will have deep clarity and often they have a large surface table which makes the stones look bigger than they actually are. Emerald cuts can be a more affordable choice for rings with a seemingly larger centre stone. They are very effective at reflecting both white and coloured light and often have their corners cropped to prevent fractures in the stones.

Our captivating Singapore Diamond Ring features one of these beautiful stones. This ring has lots of detail to attract your eye. The glistening centre stone is held in place with highly polished claws; baguette diamonds provide beautiful accents to the centre and then dainty milgrain patterning gives a distinctive effect and effortlessly frames the stones. This is an exceptional ring that has remarkable detail but still seems understated somehow. It radiates natural elegance.

Finally, our Athens Diamond Ring features a spectacular emerald cut diamond that will transcend time. This dazzling engagement ring is a glamorous and contemporary design. Delightfully, it features a double band of brilliant round diamonds that go all the way around the ring. This combination ensures that the diamonds provide optimum sparkle for a real showstopper!

As with all of these new designs in our Places Collection, this ring is available in 4 different precious metals which can affect the look that the ring creates. Yellow and rose gold bands create a contrast against the diamonds whereas a white gold or platinum band creates an icy white effect. You can also choose the size of the centre stone and its quality (there are three of each of these available) which means you can customise the ring making it more or less imposing.

Check out our new Places Collection on our website for a browse at the latest trends in diamond engagement rings. We look forward to seeing you there! For more information about choosing a diamond as an investment piece, check out our blog ‘Thinking of investing in diamonds? A winning idea or a fool’s game?’ Or if you fancy some inspiration for buying a gemstone engagement ring, read our blog ‘Best Gemstone Engagement Rings – Our Flabbergasting Five!’