autumn proposal ideas couple

Thinking about proposing this Autumn? Take a look at some of our seasonal proposal ideas...

It may be starting to get a little cold, but Autumn really is a beautiful time of year, and what better way to warm up than a heartwarming proposal set to a gorgeous backdrop of crinkling leaves and stunning oranges & reds? Not much, we say! Still, are you looking to add an autumnal touch to your proposal? We've put together a quick guide to give you all the inspiration you need to make your partner fall hard for you this fall... Let's take a look at our proposal ideas for Autumn!

1. The Fireside Fling

bonfire autumnal proposal ideas The crackling warmth of a roaring fire, toasted marshmallows, that nostalgia-filled bonfire smell swirling through the air - and last but not least, the one you love cuddled up in your arms. Now if this doesn't sound like the perfect time to pop the question, we don't know what will!  

 2. The Heartfelt Halloween

couple proposal ideas halloween For a more unique, non-traditional proposal, Halloween might be the perfect time! Obviously, you know your partner better than anyone, and if the season of spooks is when they really come alive - always with a great costume, carving pumpkins with aplomb, decorating the house with crazed enthusiasm - this fun-loving time of year might really put the twinkle in your partners eye.  

3. The Woodland Wonder

woodland autumn proposal ideas As the leaves turn from greens to oranges, the woodlands really begin to take on a brand new, breath-taking life. A quiet, personal stroll through the woods, hot chocolate in hand with big coats and cosy scarves adorned might just be the perfect moment to get down on one knee!  

4. The Lakeside Lovebirds

proposal ideas by the lake autumn It might be getting colder, but a trip to the Lakes is sure to warm both of your hearts, especially if you choose this spot to pop the ever-important question. This proposal idea focuses on one of the best parts of the Autumn season - the beautiful scenery.  

5. The Pumpkin Proposal

pumpkin next to coffee It might sound a little cheesy, but sometimes a little bit of cheesiness actually makes for a great, fun-loving atmosphere for your all-important question. Pumpkin carving is a classic Autumnal extravaganza, and it makes for some wonderful proposal ideas! Carve the question into a pumpkin and hide the ring inside for a seasonal surprise!