man about to propose to woman

Let's take a look at some of the most romantic places to propose in the UK...

Everything about getting engaged revolves around a whole lot of choice. Whether it's choosing the perfect partner, choosing the perfect ring, or indeed - choosing the perfect place to propose. It might sound a little daunting, but that's not a bad thing! Getting engaged should be a huge moment in your life, but that doesn't mean you can't look for a little help! After all, that's why you're here, right? We've already written a few articles on how to choose your perfect engagement ring, so feel free to check them out. But now, if you've chosen your perfect ring - it's time to find the most romantic places to propose in the UK. Sitting comfortably? Let's begin...

1. Lake District, Cumbria

lake district place to propose There's possibly nowhere in the UK quite as beautiful as the Lakes. Full of sprawling natural landscapes and gorgeous views, to the backdrop of such natural beauty is a perfect spot to get down on one knee.  

2. London Eye, London

london eye place to propose Does the feel of bustling city life suit your relationship a little better? Then the London Eye would be a truly iconic spot for your proposal - just wait until you're at the top! Trust us, the view is a sure-fire win.  

3. Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey

llanddwyn island proposal Searching for someplace a little different? Llanddwyn Island is a truly beautiful home away from home. With gorgeous moonlit walks and glittering coastlines, you'll feel like you've landed in a proposal paradise.  

4. The Fountain of Love, Berkshire

fountain couple proposal With a name like 'The Fountain of Love' it probably goes without saying that this is somewhat of a proposing hot-spot. Located in the grounds of Cliveden House in Berkshire, this two-tone marble structure provides a gorgeous backdrop for popping that all-important question.  

5. Somewhere Truly Personal

man proposing to woman with sunset It might sound like a bit of a cop-out to include this in our list, but honestly, there's nowhere better to propose than a place that means something to you and your loved one. Whether it's the restaurant of your first date, a Cornish beach where you spent your first holiday together, or anything in between - personal is always the best.