As spring has now been and gone, we are well and truly enjoying the summer months. Relieve stress, relax and show your personality in your outfits this summer and compliment your wardrobe with some beautiful summer jewellery pieces. For many, a change in season is a great time to change up their wardrobe. And that is where we can help! There really has never been a better time to add some sparkle to your attire.

Sunflower In Field

Summertime is a time to experiment and to be a bit playful with the way that you dress. Whether your outfit is formal or informal we have the perfect jewellery piece to accentuate it. So, we’ve put together our top ten summer jewellery pieces for this season. Let us know what you think or what summer looks like to you.  The term ‘summer jewellery’ is relatively new and can have many different meanings. For some, it can mean a nature-inspired look. Rings inspired by flowers have remained popular for centuries; they bring the wearer closer together with the beauty that surrounds them on a hot summer’s day. 

woman wearing a sundress

Another iteration of ‘summer jewellery’ may be found in the colours of the piece you are wearing. Summer jewellery includes gemstones in any shade you could imagine! Gemstones to match your favourite summer dress or to provide a contrast to them! We can find the perfect gemstones for your summer outfits, for example yellows of citrine , blues of tanzanite, purples of amethyst, ruby reds and pink sapphires! Whichever colour is your favourite, we can find the right gemstone for you.

A Recently Engaged Couple

Jewellery for this time of year can come in every style you can imagine. So take a look at our top 10 summer essential jewellery pieces. We’re sure you’ll find something that you’ll love for a gift or simply to spoil yourself.  

Number 10

  A truly spectacular summer earring set are our Classic 9ct Yellow Gold Natural Solitaire Emerald Earrings. These earrings are simple and yet sophisticated. They add a splash of glamour to your working wardrobe but wouldn’t overdo it making you feel overdressed. With short hair or tied up hairstyles (essential in the summer months) these earrings would really provide a focal point. The emerald coordinates well with natural tones of brown and grey as well as contrasting with some shades of yellow, blue and pink.

Classic 9ct Yellow Gold Natural Emerald Earrings

Number 9

  A beautiful pendant is one that draws the eye of everyone who sees it. Our Aphrodite Heart Floral Pendant does just this while drawing on one of the principles of summer: to be at one with nature.  Shaped like a flower, this pendant brings a unique style to your outfit. And its diamond gemstones make sure that you are always sparkling. Choose the length of the necklace to suit different cuts of summer blouses. Wear it every day or save it for those special summer occasions. Visit the theatre or go for a meal! This pendant will suit all occasions and can be worn with clothes more or less casual.

Aphrodite Heart Floral Pendant

Number 8

  For us, nothing symbolises summer more eloquently than the blue hues of a blue topaz gemstone. It’s because of this, that our first summer ring option is the Kei Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring This piece reminds us of the sky on a hot summer’s day or the ocean at the seaside. In fact, it might just be impossible not to think of a summer holiday in years gone past when gazing at this creation. Light blue is a colour that will match almost every item in your summer wardrobe. These beautiful stones will look amazing with a white flowing dress. Or choose from a white flared trouser suit with a dark blue blouse or a more fitted ochre jumpsuit. Wear it for coffee with friends or to be a social butterfly on a night out.

Kei Blue Topaz Diamond Ring

Number 7

  And that’s not the only ring in our collection to remind us of such wonderful summer times. The Aya Citrine & Diamond Gold Ring couples the gold of its band with a gemstone that looks as if it symbolises the sun itself. Citrine is the birthstone of November and is a unique gemstone to add to your collection. Citrine will match your summer wardrobe containing purples, greens, dark blues, reds, black and white. This piece of jewellery will also take you from summer into autumn beautifully!

Aya Citrine Diamond Gold Ring

Number 6

  Our Ruby Pendant In White Gold takes hold of the elegant ruby gemstone to create a necklace that will suit any outfit. Its simple, light design makes for an easy addition to your attire, while it’s gemstones makes sure that you are adding some glamour where necessary. This will look beautiful with an outfit that has a block of colour, for example navy, grey, beige or even green. Or use your summer outfit to accentuate the ruby by including red detail in their patterns. Perhaps a small red flower here and there or a red spotty top!

Ruby Pendant In White Gold

Number 5

  Another of our beautiful bracelet designs includes the Rose Gold Diamond Cuff. This bracelet adds a playful splash of colour with metal that offers a shade of pink, while the diamonds encrusted at its end show off an elegant finish. Rose gold is perfect for the summer months; the rose tint provides a delicate touch to both elegant, stylish and casual looks. Rose gold is particularly feminine so will look great with those summer dresses or even with a simple t-shirt and jeans for a more casual style.

Rose Gold Diamond Cuff

Number 4

  A spectacular summer evening dress would not be complete without the earrings to match. And we have just the right ones. Our Platinum Diamond Drop Earrings are elegant, fascinating and provide some summer fun. With these additions, your inner sparkle can be let free after months in rainy weather. Imagine these at a summer wedding with a navy jumpsuit or bright pink flowing dress! Or at a less formal occasion with some wide legged printed trousers and a blouse at a picnic in the park. These earrings will go with any colour outfit and can be more or less dressy.

Platinum Diamond Drop Earrings

Number 3

  Looking to layer up on jewellery? An absolute must for your summer wardrobe! Our Double Halo Emerald And Diamond Pendant goes perfectly with our emerald earring collection. With these two pieces, your look can be transformed into a well-designed outfit in no time. This piece is very dressy and would perhaps be too dressy for the workplace. But it would be perfect for a night out drinking cocktails. Pair this with a red evening dress; maroon and purple also work well with emeralds.

Double Halo Emerald And Diamond Pendant

Number 2

  Everybody needs a bracelet or bangle to add something special to their summer wardrobe. And at Diamond Boutique, we have just the thing for you.  Our Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle is perfect for a summer outfit. Wear it with a strappy top or short sleeves to allow it to sparkle and be seen. The yellow gold metal goes beautifully with reds, emerald green, purple, black, white and surprisingly golds and yellows.

Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle

Number 1

  At number one, a ring that resembles a flower and uses an amazing summer stone, our Starlight Aquamarine Ring In Gold is our number one jewellery piece for the summer! We think you’ll understand why! This ring would look great with a summer dress and is available with any gemstone as its centrepiece. Match it with a beautiful floral summer dress or a more formal grey suit and aquamarine blouse.

Starlight Aquamarine Ring In Gold

When it comes to your summer jewellery options, the sky really is the limit! Why not try something new and layer your jewellery? Or, choose colours you’ve never before dared to try. Whatever your look, we have all of your jewellery needs this season.