diamond ring Purchasing a gemstone ring can be a daunting task, that much is clear. But there are tools you can use to make sure you have considered everything you need to. The 4 Cs have long been used to define the quality of a gemstone, and are therefore perfect for considering when buying a ring. The 4 Cs are made up of the cut, the colour, the clarity and the carat, and each plays an important role in purchasing your next gemstone ring. To give you a better idea of which cuts might suit you, we have put together a short guide.

The Cut

The cut of a gemstone is what dictates its shape and size. There are thousands of cuts to choose from, each bringing something special to the equation. There are three 'basic cuts', which are 'brilliant', 'step', and 'mixed'. On top of this, you can choose between a round, oval, rose, cushion and octagon shape (as well as so many more).

Brilliant Cut

If you were to choose a "round brilliant" cut, your gemstone would have a round shape and a brilliant cutting style. A brilliant-cut is composed of triangular and kite-shaped facets that spread outwards towards the centre of the gem. Brilliant cut gemstone rings come in a number of different designs, including the solitaire and the moissanite. These options give a more rounded finish and are great for highlighting the shine we all expect from a gemstone ring.

Step Cut

A step cut is a little more simple, offering only rectangular facets that ascend from the top of the gem. If you are looking to show off your stone's colour and clarity, the step-cut is certainly the way to go. One of the most popular examples of a step cut design is an emerald cut ring. These rings offer a large area on the top of the ring to truly be able to see the colour of the gemstone, and are excellent for showing off the depth and detail of your gemstone. emerald

Mixed Cuts

A mixed cut is what it sounds like: a mixture of two other cuts, namely the brilliant and the step cut. It combines the two styles, offering facets on the crown of the ring with steps leading off it, or the other way around. Mixed cuts can allow you to create a ring with a truly unique style. There's no need to settle for one design style if you want more; a mixed cut might just be the perfect thing. If you are looking for a pear shaped design, a mixed cut allows you to combine a marquise and round design to meet your goal. This is just one example of how mixed cuts can lead you to your perfect ring.

Rose Cut

The rose cut is a traditional, classy option. Dating back to the 16th century, this design has enjoyed decades of popularity with gemstone ring lovers. Its signature is a flat base coupled with a faceted top, leading to a look that is not dissimilar to the bud of a rose. The base for this cut is almost always round, offering an excellent stand for a beautiful shape to rise from. Examples of this cut can be seen often, particularly as vintage styles are coming back into fashion. Solitaire rings can be found with rose cut designs, and many cluster rings focus around this shape. ring style

Diamond Boutique

There are many more cuts of gemstones to discuss than the ones we have mentioned here. So many, in fact, that it would be impossible to tell you about them all. For any more information about which cut might be the perfect one for you, contact our team.