(Lakhjinder proposing to Harminder. See below for their Diamond Boutique bespoke ring design) Thinking of proposing? Already proposed and need an engagement ring? Well, buying an engagement ring can be a daunting task as there are many things that need to be taken into account. Logistical things like timing and meeting your proposal date deadline need to be at the forefront of this process. Choosing and ordering a ring can take some time. But you also need to take into account the style of ring that your partner would like and ensuring that you choose a style that suits her hand, finger size and lifestyle. Here we will consider the process of proposing and provide tips for buying an engagement ring. Buying an engagement ring is a massive decision and could be one of the most important investment purchases that you’ll ever make. The engagement ring is a symbol of the love you feel for your partner and it must be perfect for her. Making decisions about your proposal need time and thought to ensure that the beginning of your wedding journey go smoothly and are just as you imagine them too. This process cannot be rushed. You need to consider ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ you will propose. The next question that arises is whether to have a ring ready when you propose! Making a proposal with a beautiful ring at the ready will make it a life changing and momentous event, and will hopefully guarantee that magical ‘yes’. But this does come with some risks. What if she doesn’t like the ring? Or she might like it but it isn’t quite the one for her. Will you be able to find the right ring size without her suspecting what you’re up to? Would she prefer a more traditional ring or something more unique? A diamond or a different coloured gemstone? Weighing up these decisions may take some time, so allow yourself plenty of it! Another option is to propose without the ring. And this option isn’t perfect either and comes with its own risks. Will she take you seriously? Will she be disappointed that you haven’t chosen her a ring? Perhaps the third option is the right one for you? You could buy an interim ring to use to propose. Have something that you like and think that she’d like in silver with a cubic zirconia stone in it and use that to propose. If she loves it you can have a real version made up with white gold or platinum and a real diamond. If she isn’t in love with it, there are no worries as you can simply choose and buy something together. Here at Diamond Boutique, we can create your interim ring in silver for you and then create the real thing too if she falls in love with it.  

Tips for buying an engagement ring – what to look for?

  Most couples have had some conversations about getting engaged and married and what they’d like in terms of dresses/suits/rings and venues etc. Some ladies are very specific about these things as they’ve been thinking about it for a number of years possibly since childhood! Some ladies are vocal about their ideas going as far as to send their partners pictures of the designs they like. If you are one of these ladies’ partners then you are very lucky indeed! It should be a breeze to choose her a ring that she’ll truly love.

(Another one of our happy clients, Emily, who said yes to Harpreet this year! And sent us this lovely photo.) If you’re a partner of a lady who isn’t vocal or hasn’t given you hints (perhaps she doesn’t know herself what she’d like) then your job is much more difficult! A great first step is to have a really good think about your partner: what kind of style does she have? What clothing does she like? What colours does she like? What existing jewellery does she wear? What kind of style is that? Do they prefer white or yellow gold or something a little different i.e. rose gold? Are they classic and traditional? Or more modern and unique? Sitting down and considering these questions will certainly give you a great starting point for choosing that all important ring. Linked to all this, you will need to consider their lifestyle and job. Are they sporty or do they do lots of work with their hands? Will her job restrict the type of ring that she can wear? Perhaps speak to her friends and family for advice on this. They might be able to point you in the right direction for finding a beautiful ring that she’ll love. So, you’ve got an idea in your head about her style and when, how and where you’re going to propose. And you’re reading a blog giving you engagement ring buying advice! Your next step is to make some decisions about the actual ring. The first question is: are you going to go for the classic and traditional, the diamond? Or something a bit different: a coloured gemstone? Lots of people choose the former option and go for the elegant and beguiling diamond!  

Engagement ring buying advice - Choosing the right diamond for your ring

  When buying a diamond, carry out your research to ensure you get the best deal on the best diamond. If you’re working towards a budget, you’ll need to try to work out your priorities and those elements that you could compromise on.


4CS of Diamonds – Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour

  These areas are really important when buying a diamond and carrying out some research on these areas is absolutely essential in purchasing the right diamond for the right price. The first ‘C’ refers to carat weight (see our blog on Diamond Size Comparison for more information about carat weight and the size of diamonds). Here you’ll need to decide what size of diamond you’d like to go for. Would she prefer a big blinger? Or a more subtle dainty diamond? The next ‘C’ refers to cut. It takes lots of skill to ensure that a diamond is cut in the most effective way. Here at Diamond Boutique, we only source diamonds with a very good and excellent cut. The cut of the diamond can hugely affect how sparkly the diamond is! The cut affects how many facets (meaning faces) the diamond has that the light can bounce off of. This in turn creates the sparkle! The third ‘C’ refers to diamond clarity and is about whether or not the diamond has inclusions (flaws) in it. At Diamond Boutique we generally only use diamonds of the highest grades. Slightly Included (SI1) but eye clean (eye clean diamond means that the diamond will be clean to the naked eye but will have inclusions that will be visible with a magnifying glass.). These are our lowest grade diamonds that we would use but, these are used very infrequently and are usually due to budget restrictions. The next level is ‘Very Slightly Included’ (VS1 and VS2), then ‘Very Very Slightly Included’ (VVS1 and VVS2), next ‘Internally Flawless’ and finally ‘Flawless’ (Flawless being the highest grade available). The final ‘C’ stands for colour of the diamond. We generally only use diamonds of the colour grades D through to H. However, if you have a particular colour in mind for your diamond, we can of course source that for you as some people favour diamonds with a yellow or other tint to them. At Diamond Boutique we also have additional parameters that we use to find the best diamonds for you. We do not use diamonds in our rings that have fluorescence in them; we don’t use diamonds that are BGM (brown, green or milky tints). In addition, we don’t use diamonds with black inclusions in them. Also, our diamonds have a medium to slightly thick crown, which is the top part of the diamond that will be seen. All of these elements make our diamonds and diamond rings of the highest quality. When choosing a diamond ring, at Diamond Boutique, we understand that budget is a consideration for everyone, but each person we work with has a different budget. Providing us with your requirements and your budget can be really helpful in sourcing the perfect ring for you. It may be that you would prefer a larger diamond but with less clarity and a less white diamond and with our Bespoke Service, we can create that ring for you. Or, clarity and colour may be more of a priority for you and thus a smaller stone may be the right diamond for you. Below are some of our popular choices of diamond engagement rings. Firstly, our exceptional Lucia Pear Diamond Engagement Ring which has a round brilliant diamond at its centre and is available in four different carat weights: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 carats making this an exquisite custom made ring. On the shoulders, twin pear shaped diamonds provide the feeling of luxury and privilege. It epitomises timeless grace and has an elegant style. Further, you can choose the precious metal for the band which is adorned with 12 round brilliant diamonds completing the look. This ring definitely has the ‘wow’ factor and would be pretty hard to say ‘no’ to!

Our exciting classic Esha Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring is crafted in a sleek and comfortable design. This fancy solitaire showcases either a 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 or a 2.0 carat specially selected diamond (the choice is yours!). It is available in white, yellow or rose gold and platinum. And you can even choose the colour of the diamond and the clarity and cut depending on your budget! This ring has four variations allowing you to choose the perfect solitaire ring for you. It comes in a classic four prong design, a six prong design, knife edge band design and you can also choose between a 1.5 mm band or 2mm band.

Our magnificent Modern Diamond Engagement Ring has a stunning certified 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 or 2ct emerald cut diamond at its centre. This gorgeous diamond is further enhanced on either side with two round brilliant diamonds totalling a diamond weight of 0.10ct. This beautiful engagement ring would suit a lucky lady who likes following the tradition of having a diamond at the centre of the ring but likes to be a little different from the crowd choosing a less traditional shape of diamond. But what a stunner!


Diamond Certificates – GIA report

  At Diamond Boutique, if you choose a diamond engagement ring, all of our diamond rings come with an independent GIA report (or similar depending on the size of the diamond) as diamonds are after all natural stones that are unique. The GIA report will provide a value for your diamond based on its size and the 4 Cs. These characteristics of the diamond are considered by experts to provide a value for the diamond and this is included in the detailed report. The GIA is the Gemmological Institute of America, which is the most respected and widely known diamond grading body. If the diamond is below 0.3ct, we will provide an appraisal report that will contain similar information to the GIA report.  

Engagement ring advice – If diamonds are not for her, then which gemstone will win her heart?

  If you’ve decided that diamonds are not the perfect stone for your bride to be, then consider a coloured gemstone for her engagement ring. Do you want an even more grand look and even less traditional to suit her personality? Well adding a splash of colour could be the answer! Perhaps choose her favourite colour, or her birthstone, or the stone that relates to her star sign? Whatever the reason for picking that gemstone, your choice of engagement ring will definitely win her heart and turn heads! Each month of the year has a corresponding birth stone which could be a great starting point for choosing the gemstone for her engagement ring. Below is a chart that indicates which stone represents each month. There are further stones that have been added over the years, but this is a starting point.

If birthstones aren’t a way forward, then perhaps her favourite colour would be! Below are some of our favourite engagement rings that contain some really beautiful gemstones. Perhaps one of these is the ring for her? Firstly, consider our Paragon Pink Sapphire Ring! This is a real show stopper of a ring and is a really beautiful, romantic and feminine in colour. A true work of art, this ring has a lovely oval pink sapphire at its heart, nestled between two round brilliant diamonds. What’s her favourite shade of pink? Lighter pink? Or a deeper shade? Well, this ring is available in three different qualities which will have an impact on the shade of pink that you choose. You can also choose three different sizes of the centre stone making the ring perfect for her. Additionally, it is available in four different precious metal types.

Looking for something more regal? Want her to feel like royalty? Then check out our Vintage Blue Sapphire Ring! Six shimmering round brilliant diamonds set in a triangular design frame this enchanting blue sapphire to create a timeless stunning ring. It is available in three different qualities of gemstone, centre stone size and four different precious metals. A fantastic range of choice!

If a deep, royal blue isn’t the blue for you, then take a look at our aquamarine ring collection. Our captivating Arya Aquamarine Milgrain Ring is finely crafted to create a sensational and breathtaking sparkle. The aquamarine takes centre stage to create a stunning memorable ring that she will truly love. Ten diamonds line the band and decorate it elegantly. It comes in three different qualities and sizes, and again you can choose the precious metal that suits your preference.

For more information on buying a gemstone ring see our blog ‘The 4Cs of Buying a Gemstone Ring: The Cut’.  

How to get the correct ring size?

  So, if you and your bride to be are working together to choose and source a ring, finding her ring size won’t be too onerous. But if you need help, contact us at Diamond Boutique here . We’re happy to send you a ring sizer through the post to help you determine your partner’s ring size. If you’re trying to buy a ring in secret, and have access to her existing rings, then you could also draw around the centre of the ring for an approximate size. If this isn’t her wedding ring finger, you can use this at least to get a starting point. At Diamond Boutique, we also offer one free ring resize when you purchase a ring from us to ensure that the ring fits perfectly. So don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure of the size. It’s best to try to find an educated starting point but if it doesn’t quite fit when you surprise her with it, we can help to ensure it does!  

More engagement ring advice - How far in advance should you buy your ring?

  At Diamond Boutique, it takes roughly four weeks to create your chosen piece, but getting married can be quite a stressful time so definitely give yourself as much time as possible to get her dream ring. Once the ring has arrived with you, it may also need resizing which will take approximately one week so take that into account if you have quite short deadlines. Statistics show that the most popular time to get engaged is between the end of November and Valentine’s Day. Lots of people choose dates around Christmas and New Year to propose and around and including Valentine’s Day. The reasons for this are more than likely because this is a time when people spend lots of time with their loved ones. Christmas, New Year and around Valentine’s Day are times when we try to enjoy those around us. It’s a very romantic time! So if you’re thinking of proposing around this time, get yourself organised and start looking for the ring in the late summer/beginning of the autumn. It’ll give you plenty of time to research the ring, make important decisions and source the ring. If you get this started early, you won’t be rushing and feeling stressed about meeting your deadline.  

Tips for buying an engagement ring – What if you can’t find your dream ring?

  At Diamond Boutique, we offer a bespoke service where you can design your own perfect ring. After a short consultation where you discuss your ideas and are given advice from our experts, you will receive a technical sketch of the ring design. You can then look at this sketch and tweak the design. At this point you will then be given a 3D render (video) of the design so that you can really get a clear idea of what the ring will look like. For more information on our bespoke service, see our blog on Bespoke Engagement Rings. Using our bespoke service allows you to truly be fully involved with the process and you can also visit our workshop in London to see your beautiful design brought to life. Meet Lakhjinder and Harminder who got engaged this year and used our bespoke service to design and make their engagement ring. Lakhjinder came to us with a very specific and unique design in mind and we were able to make his dream ring for his bride to be come to life. The pictures speak for themselves!


So ... to conclude

  First and foremost, hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading our blog about buying an engagement ring. And, even more hopefully, you’ve taken away with you lots of helpful tips and advice for making proposing and choosing the right ring as smooth a process as possible. We’ve discussed: making sure the proposal goes well; how to choose the right ring for your loved one; what to look for when you’re diamond shopping; how to choose a gemstone for her if a diamond isn’t her preferred look and what to do if you can’t find the perfect ring. We’ve also shown you some of our popular diamond and gemstone rings to give you some ideas to start with. Happy proposing! And happy engagement ring shopping!