groom putting wedding ring on bride

The tradition of the wedding ring is one that has stemmed generations. That's why we've made it our mission to ensure each one is perfect.

At Diamond Boutique, our main priority is ensuring all of our customers love and adore their jewellery, which is why we’ve put together some useful tips to consider when browsing for, or designing, the perfect wedding ring. Helping you choose a ring that you or your partner can adore for a lifetime; that’s what we do best. Firstly, when it comes to choosing a ring, it’s important to consider your budget before you go wild with ideas. Artistic flair and personal insight certainly goes a long way, but if you’re too far out of budget, you may end up disappointed. That’s why, if you always keep your budget in mind from the get go, you can work with your jeweller to edit or improve on your design within your means. Consider your partner’s taste carefully. The world of jewellery is huge, and it’s easy to get lost in the myriad of styles, designs, metals and gemstones. That’s why it’s important to give yourself a baseline with which to work with. For example, starting with your partner’s favoured gemstone is a great way to begin the process - whether you’re looking for an existing ring or designing a custom one. Of course, when it comes to wedding rings, Diamonds are usually the way to go, but this everlasting classic is sometimes making way for other gemstones, such as the enchanting emerald. There are certainly no rules here, but often the classics are classics for a reason - but don’t let us sway your opinion!  Not only that, but the shape and design of the ring itself should always come into question. Are you going for a simple wedding band? Or looking for something with a little more intricacy? Sometimes taking a look at your partner’s existing jewellery can help you decide - but remember, this is a wedding ring; wowing your partner with something truly unique - and carefully thought out - certainly won't hurt!