So’re thinking of proposing to your partner or have already proposed and are considering when is the best time to buy engagement rings? Are there certain times of the year that are more popular than other times for buying engagement rings? If you’re thinking about a diamond engagement ring, when is the best time to buy diamonds? Here we’ll consider some popular times for proposing and purchasing the all important engagement ring.

Buying an engagement ring can be arguably one of the biggest and most important investments that you’ll ever make. The engagement ring is a symbol of the feelings that you and your partner share for each another and as a consequence must be perfect. Proposing at the right time is something that takes thought and this process should not be rushed. You’ll need to consider ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ when you’re planning your proposal.

Having a beautiful ring ready at this moment when you propose can be a life changing momentous event and could guarantee that ‘yes’, but it does come with some risks. Will she like the ring that you’ve chosen? Will she have lots of ideas in her own mind about how it should look on her finger? Will you be able to find out her finger size without giving the game away? Will it fit? Be too big or too small? Would she like to stay traditional and go for a diamond or something a little different? A sapphire for example? And you’ll need to consider how much to spend on this investment. I suppose at this point, you need to weigh up the pros and cons to decide if you should surprise her with a ring or opt to choose one together.

So ... buy a ring in readiness to propose? Decide to choose a ring together as you aren’t sure what she’d like? Or, there is a third option! Buy an interim ring to use to propose? You could have a ring created in silver with a cubic zirconia stone. This could be great option as if she loves it; you can simply have it made up in gold and using real stones. But, if she isn’t in love with it, you can choose something different together!


What to look for when buying an engagement ring?


Before we consider when is the best time to buy engagement rings, we should consider what things you should take into account when choosing a ring. Most people have had some conversations with their partners about getting engaged, and married and what they’d like in terms of rings/dresses/venues etc. Some ladies have very clear ideas about what they want in a ring and they’re vocal about it, going as far as sending some pictures to their partners of designs they like. If you’re one of these ladies’ partners then you’re very lucky as you’ll be able to choose a ring that she’s sure to love.

If you’re a partner of someone who hasn’t hinted or been vocal, then the task is much more difficult. A great first step would be to consider their style; what clothing do they like? What colours do they like? What jewellery do they wear currently? What kind of style is that? Do they prefer white or yellow gold? Are they classic and traditional? Or more modern? Do they have a more unique style? Answering these questions will certainly give you a great starting point for choosing that all important ring.

Secondly, consider their lifestyle. Are they sporty or do they work with their hands? Will their job affect the type of ring she would prefer? You may need to get some help from her family and friends to get an idea of the types of things that she would love. But research at this point will pay off!


How to get the correct ring size?


If you and your bride to be are working together to choose and source a ring, finding her ring size won’t be too onerous. But if you need help, contact us at Diamond Boutique here . We’re happy to send you a ring sizer through the post to help you determine your partner’s ring size.

If you’re trying to buy a ring in secret, and have access to their existing rings, then you could also draw around the centre of the ring for an approximate size. If this isn’t her ring finger, you can use this at least to get a starting point. At Diamond Boutique, we also offer one free ring resize when you purchase a ring from us to ensure that the ring fits perfectly. So don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure of the size. It’s best to try to find an educated starting point but if it doesn’t quite fit when you surprise her with it, we can help to ensure it does!


How far in advance should you buy your ring?


At Diamond Boutique, it takes roughly four weeks to create your chosen piece, but getting married can be quite a stressful time so definitely give yourself as much time as possible to get her dream ring. Once the ring has arrived with you, it may also need resizing which will take approximately one week so take that into account if you have quite short deadlines.


What if you can’t find your dream ring?


At Diamond Boutique, we offer a bespoke service where you can design your own perfect ring. After a short consultation where you discuss your ideas and are given advice from our experts, you will receive a technical sketch of the ring design. You can then look at this sketch and tweak the design. At this point you will then be given a 3D render (video) of the design so that you can really get a clear idea of what the ring will look like. For more information on our bespoke service, see our blog on Bespoke Engagement Rings. Using our bespoke service allows you to truly be fully involved with the process and you can also visit our workshop in London to see your beautiful design brought to life.


So ... when is the best time to buy engagement rings?


Having done some research in the area of when is the best time to buy engagement rings, it seems that industry experts don’t always agree. Some suggest that there is no best time to buy, some say it is well and truly linked to when you are planning to propose and some say the summertime. Lastly, it seems some think that Christmas is the best time of year to buy engagement rings.

Firstly, an obvious answer to this is linked to when you are planning on proposing. Statistics show that the most popular time to get engaged is between the end of November and Valentine’s Day. Lots of people choose dates around Christmas and New Year to propose and around and including Valentine’s Day. The reasons for this are more than likely because this is a time when people spend lots of time with their loved ones. Christmas, New Year and around Valentine’s Day are times when we try to enjoy those around us. It’s a very romantic time! So if you’re thinking of proposing around this time, get yourself organised and start looking for the ring in the late summer/beginning of the autumn. It’ll give you plenty of time to research the ring, make important decisions and source the ring. If you get this started early, you won’t be rushing and feeling stressed about meeting your deadline.

Secondly, buying your engagement ring in the summer months may be the best time. The most popular months to get married are June through to September in the UK. People often leave buying their wedding rings until closer to their wedding date as their time and thoughts have been taken up with organising dresses, suits, flowers and venues! So during the spring and the summer months, many people will be looking for wedding bands; as a consequence, you might even find your favourite engagement ring comes with a discount around these times.

Thirdly, Christmas time might be the best time to source your engagement ring. Winter time is an amazing time to propose and indeed buy that special ring. If you’re thinking of a winter proposal, obviously as stated above, you need to source your ring during the late summer or beginning of the autumn period. But shopping for your engagement ring at Christmas time can be really exciting. Obviously lots of focus at this time is around sourcing Christmas presents and organising the holidays. But this time of year could be hugely improved by focusing your attention on sourcing that special ring and getting excited about it. You may also find that there are some seasonal deals to find.

Fourthly and not included in the list above, could be Easter time/spring time. This is a great time to focus on new journeys as spring time represents new life and taking the next step in your relationship could start here. Easter time could also be a good time to budget for a potentially large investment. Around Christmas is an expensive time of year and the summer holidays can cost a lot of money travelling abroad or at home. So spring time could be a great time when you can budget to pay for this investment. At around both Christmas time and the summer months people can also be very busy, whereas during the spring time you may have more time to really think and carry out some research on the engagement ring.


And ... When is the best time to buy diamonds?


Anyone can buy diamonds for an engagement ring at any time of the year, and there isn’t really a time of year that is better than any other times of the year. Some jewellers will have sales from time to time just as we do at Diamond Boutique; but often you’ll have a date in mind for your proposal and you’ll need to source your diamond in time for that. To try to catch a sale or discount, your best bet is to be extra organised and plan in advance!

It is far more important however when buying a diamond, to carry out your research to ensure you get the best deal on the best diamond. If you’re working towards a budget, you’ll need to try to work out your priorities and those elements that you could compromise on. If you simply buy something that is on sale as the budget is right, you may find yourself being taken advantage of and paying more for a diamond than it’s really worth.


4CS of Diamonds – Carat, Cut, Clarity and Colour


These areas are really important when buying a diamond and carrying out some research on these areas is absolutely essential in purchasing the right diamond for the right price. The first ‘C’ refers to carat weight (see our blog on Diamond Size Comparison for more information about carat weight and the size of diamonds). Here you’ll need to decide what size of diamond you’d like to go for. Would she prefer a big blinger? Or a more subtle dainty diamond?

The next ‘C’ refers to cut. It takes lots of skill to ensure that a diamond is cut in the most effective way. Here at Diamond Boutique, we only source diamonds with a very good and excellent cut. The cut of the diamond can hugely affect how sparkly the diamond is! The cut affects how many facets (meaning faces) the diamond has that the light can bounce off of. This in turn creates the sparkle!

The third ‘C’ refers to diamond clarity and is about whether or not the diamond has inclusions (flaws) in it. At Diamond Boutique we generally only use diamonds of the highest grades. Slightly Included (SI1) but eye clean (eye clean diamond means that the diamond will be clean to the naked eye but will have inclusions that will be visible with a magnifying glass.). These are our lowest grade diamonds that we would use but, these are used very infrequently and are usually due to budget restrictions. The next level is ‘Very Slightly Included’ (VS1 and VS2), then ‘Very Very Slightly Included’ (VVS1 and VVS2), next ‘Internally Flawless’ and finally ‘Flawless’ (Flawless being the highest grade available).

The final ‘C’ stands for colour of the diamond. We generally only use diamonds of the colour grades D through to H. However, if you have a particular colour in mind for your diamond, we can of course source that for you as some people favour diamonds with a yellow or other tint to them.

At Diamond Boutique we also have additional parameters that we use to find the best diamonds for you. We do not use diamonds in our rings that have fluorescence in them; we don’t use diamonds that are BGM (brown, green or milky tints). In addition, we don’t use diamonds with black inclusions in them. Also, our diamonds have a medium to slightly thick girdle, which is the top part of the diamond that will be seen. All of these elements make our diamonds and diamond rings of the highest quality.

When choosing a diamond ring, at Diamond Boutique, we understand that budget is a consideration for everyone, but each person we work with has a different budget. Providing us with your requirements and your budget can be really helpful in sourcing the perfect ring for you. It may be that you would prefer a larger diamond but with less clarity and a less white diamond and with our Bespoke Service, we can create that ring for you. Or, clarity and colour may be more of a priority for you and thus a smaller stone may be the right diamond for you.


Diamond Certificates – GIA report


At Diamond Boutique all of our diamond rings come with an independent GIA report as diamonds are after all natural stones that are unique. The GIA report will provide a value for your diamond based on its size and the 4 Cs. These characteristics of the diamond are considered by experts to provide a value for the diamond and this is included in the detailed report. The GIA is the Gemmological Institute of America, which is the most respected and widely known diamond grading body.


Seasonal Sales


Many jewellers have sales and promotions on throughout the year and if you time it right, you can take advantage of this. Here at Diamond Boutique, we often have flash sales throughout the year; we usually have Black Friday deals and a sale at Christmas time. However, if you speak to us about your budget, we can always find a deal that will suit your needs and your pocket.

Be careful about purchasing a ring that you find in a sale however. Sometimes, when your budget is important, you can become blinded by the promise of saving money. Remember, this ring is probably the most important investment you’ll make in your life and you want your partner to be blown away by it. Choose wisely to ensure that you get a quality product within your budget. Also be wary of large savings in the jewellery industry. The best jewellers rarely offer large discounts on their jewellery and if a jeweller is offering large discounts, you need to ask yourself if the product was overpriced to begin with. At Diamond Boutique we offer a great service and quality rings and we’ll work hard to ensure we find your dream ring within your budget.

Buying a ring in a sale can also put pressure on you to purchase a ring that isn’t quite perfect for you. Sales usually last a limited time, and perhaps you feel that you’ll miss this deal if you don’t buy today! But our advice would definitely be to take your time and think it over. Don’t be pressured into buying something that isn’t quite right.


The Bottom Line


To conclude, there really isn’t a ‘best time of the year to buy engagement rings or diamonds’. The answer to this question is as unique as you are. It depends on when you plan to propose to your prospective spouse. It depends on how organised you are and how much time you have before the chosen date. It also depends on when you have the money ready for the ring which could also take some time to save up. You may be lucky and find that a sale is on at the time when you’re looking to buy but you shouldn’t be too swayed by big discounts on rings or diamonds as you may not be getting the best deal or choosing a ring or diamond for the wrong reasons.

Choosing a time to buy a ring and to propose should also be a happy time and should be reflected upon fondly when you are thinking back about the whole process of getting married. So make sure that you take time to research as much as you can about the ring and the diamond, and then enjoy the process of choosing the right jeweller to buy the piece from. At Diamond Boutique, we have lots of five star reviews because we offer a personal service that really is second to none so get in touch and we’ll help you through this exciting journey.