When you want to 'pop the question', the ring you choose says a lot. There are literally thousands of options, each of which are perfect for one lucky person. So how do you start to wade through the sometimes overwhelming collection of wedding ring choices? Well, the best answer is to find out as much information as possible, and this is where we come in! We've put together some information about one of our most popular categories: white gold engagement rings. This way, you can find out more about this mesmerising option. After all, its history and unique look does make it pretty unique.

The History of White Gold

In the midst of the 1940s war effort, precious metals were subject to a near-ban except for use outside within the military. This was particularly true of metals such as Platinum, which was needed for armoury more than jewellery and so stockpiled by many forces. The result of this action was a move away from platinum and towards white gold, which offered a similarly sleek design whilst being more cost-effective. As wartime continued, white gold jewellery became ever more popular, and has remained a staple of modern, unique jewellery. While white gold was discovered by two alchemists in Germany, the popularisation of the metal began predominantly in America. Now, people enjoy jewellery made from this alloy gold all over the world.

Creating White Gold

White gold is made by adding other metals, namely white metals such as Nickel, Silver or Palladium. Through doing this, a brighter white than the more expensive Platinum can be created. The end result is an alloy metal that is actually stronger and more durable than traditional yellow gold. So, if you are looking for a design that will truly last, this is certainly an excellent option.

White Gold Engagement Rings

At Diamond Boutique, we offer white gold engagement rings in numerous styles. As is true of much of the industry, we typically pair diamonds with a metal such as this to offer a true sparkle. These simple, sleek designs put the shine of our gemstones at centre stage, placing them on a metal that is durable and beautiful in equal measure. There is no better representation of how incredible these simple designs can be than our Esha in White Gold. A classic 0.50ct round diamond is set on a plain white diamond band, offering a true shine that is sure to catch the eye of anyone that comes across it. If you are looking for something a little unique, our Clara Diamond & Blue Sapphire Ring adds a splash of dazzling colour to a crisp, delicate design. This option combines the dazzling colour of a vibrant Sapphire with the beautiful refinery of a Diamond, resulting in a match sure to add some glamour to your other half’s finger.

Diamond Boutique

At Diamond Boutique, we offer jewellery for every occasion. Whether you’re planning to pop the question, or you already have and need incredible wedding rings, we have exactly what you need. From eternity rings to pendants, we pride ourselves on offering as many options for you as possible. To find your next perfect piece, head over to our website or contact one of our friendly team today.