Creating A Bespoke Ring When looking for a ring, be it a gift or for your special day, there are literally thousands of options. So, when there are so many to choose from, why pick a bespoke ring?

Why Choose a Bespoke Ring?

The simple answer to choosing a bespoke ring is the fact that you can open up the possibilities of the ring you purchase to anything you can imagine. With this option, you'll be able to bring together your favourite parts of all of any ring you have seen, and create something special. There are so many aspects of a beautiful ring, it can be impossible to think of them all. But there are a couple of options that should reach the top of your list.

The Gemstone

Firstly, when looking for a ring, the most important thing must be the gemstone which sits centre-stage upon it. There are literally thousands of gemstones to choose between, all of which offer a different fascinating history and beautiful combination of hues. From the deep red of a ruby to the soothing blue of Aquamarine, it is certainly a great idea to research not only the colour of the ring you look to choose but the history behind it too. Some of our most popular gems include the Diamond, of course, which offers a classic, chic look to any that wear it. Or, if something more unique is more your style, an Emerald offers a pop of colour that is sure to draw the eye towards it. And colour isn’t the only thing to consider when picking your gemstone. In fact, the shape it is cut into can be the difference between the light that shines from it and the overall look of your ring.

The Band

Once you have identified the stone you want. It is time to move on to the band that will accompany it. Gone are the days of only one colour or metal for this ever-important aspect of your new bespoke design. Now, you have the option to select a white, gold, platinum, or silver ring. Simply choose the option that fits your style best. You may have the perfect design in mind, or it may take a little trial and error. That’s why we would recommend taking a look at the gemstone you want seated on every colour of band that is possible. This way you’ll make sure you have found the perfect pairing.

The Art Of Possible

Our Art of Possible service allows you to custom build your ring. From the gemstone you would like to the design of your band, we allow you to choose exactly what you would like us to produce.  This process starts with a consultation, which allows us to put together a free sketch of your design. We won’t simply offer you one look at this very important stage. In fact, we will make sure you are in love with every aspect of your masterpiece before moving on to the next stage: a 3D CAD model.  We know how important it is to truly understand the look of your piece before creating the final product. This is why we make your initial sketch into a 3D model for you to view. This way, you are able to truly understand what your ring will look like before it is even made! Finally, when you are entirely happy with your design, our expert team will begin to create your masterpiece. All of the bespoke rings we offer are hand-crafted by our in-house team, who will keep you apprised at every step of the journey.

Designing Your Ring With Diamond Boutique

At Diamond Boutique, we love creating incredible designs that you’ll love forever. To find out more about the bespoke design service that we offer, get in touch with our friendly team or request your free no-obligation sketch today.