choosing an engagement ringStruggling to decide on a ring for your big moment? 

Choosing an engagement ring can be hard at the best of times, even if your budget is no issue. That’s why it can help to simply design your own! Here are a few of our top reasons why to go bespoke instead of choosing an existing ring.

You can base it off of an existing ring.

Just because you’re designing your own engagement ring, it doesn’t mean you have to leave yourself completely in the dark! If there’s a ring you like, but you’re not sure it’s quite perfect, you can take this design as your inspiration when you go for a consultation with a ring designer.

It’s beautifully personal.

>Probably one of the best reasons for designing your own bespoke engagement ring is that it’s entirely personal - and your partner will appreciate it all the more! Everyone knows it’s the thought that counts, not the price, but when you get down on one knee with a ring that you’ve hand-designed for your significant other, they’re sure to love the effort that you’ve gone to.

You set the budget.

It would be lovely if no-one ever had to worry about budget - but that’s simply not the case! When it comes to designing your own, you can set your own budget with your designer so you can work out what’s realistic for you. Not only that, but if you find a gorgeous ring that’s just far too out of budget, you can work out a way to design a similar one that’s not quite as bank-breaking.

It can be as lavish as you like.

It goes without saying, really, but when you design your own ring - you’re in charge. You can go for a more subtle, reserved design or let loose with vintage flair. Just remember to keep in mind what your significant other would like!

You can merge different styles.

There’s no rules to ring design when you create your own bespoke engagement ring. You can blend countless styles from different eras to craft a truly personal design that means so much more to you and your partner; whether you’re looking to remodel an existing ring or completely craft your own.

You can design a matching set.

You may have found the perfect ring - but no matching wedding band to go with it! That's where yet another benefit of going bespoke comes in. You can ensure there's a matching ring or band, as you can design it yourself! Looking to design your own custom bespoke ring? Get in touch with our team today to begin your journey.