While we offer thousands of rings to choose from, there are very few that can match the true beauty of a Yellow Gold Sapphire ring. The deep blue hue of a true Sapphire matches many pairings, but there aren't many options that suit each other more than a yellow gold band and this classic gemstone.

Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphire gemstones are some of the most popular in the world. Their history is extensive, being noted first by the Ancient Persians, who believed the world was perched upon a Sapphire. In the modern era, they have become a unique choice for engagement and wedding rings. Offering classic pairings or something truly unusual, the Sapphire gemstone offers complex, ever-changing hues. These amazing gemstones have been discovered across the globe, but most currently sold have been found in an extensive deposit in Sri Lanka. Having been shipped across the world, they are now used in all kinds of jewellery.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

In its natural form, gold is a reddish-gold in colour. Because of this, coloured gold needs to be specially created and is, therefore, not entirely natural. Adding alloys of copper and silver in various proportions are added to natural gold to create white, yellow, green, and red golds. Yellow gold can be created by adding slightly more copper to the metal than silver, ending with a bright golden colour that has been created to last as long as you need it to. Other gold alloys use only copper or silver in their mixtures. As you may have noticed while searching for your perfect ring, white and yellow golds are by far the most popular. While each option comes in at a similar price range, it is a fact that white and yellow gold match with a more extensive range of gemstones.

Our Yellow Gold Sapphire Rings

At Diamond Boutique, we offer gemstone rings that come in almost every combination possible. This includes a range of yellow gold Sapphire rings that are sure to offer you something that is equal parts unique and beautiful. Some of our most popular options combine deep blue Sapphires, beautiful diamonds and a yellow gold band that elegantly connects the two gemstones involved. Our 18ct Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire & Diamond Full Eternity Ring is a perfect example of this, offering a geometric style that combines a traditional colour palette and unique design. To find out more about the yellow gold sapphires we have on offer, visit our website or contact our friendly team today.