Jewellery is the most meaningful gift to give a loved one throughout your journey through life together. It can help symbolise the smallest of moments to the largest of milestones. The jewellery piece is always then a token that will remind you of that special time/moment together. According to the International Gem Society it ‘came to denote human connection and commitment’. Read their full article about the Early History of Jewelry here.

The journey through life is unique for each couple. The order in which milestones are met can vary, some milestones feature in some relationships and not in others. Below are some ideas for you to use to help celebrate your special milestones with your partner. Some milestones might not be relevant to you or you might choose to use the symbol to represent another milestone not mentioned here and that’s fine too.

In relationships that last, both parties work hard to show the other that they care, love and appreciate their loved one. Jewellery isn’t always necessary to do this, but most ladies love jewellery and a piece that is well thought out and personal will definitely be appreciated and treasured for a lifetime. Read on to find out which types of rings to choose for relationships at different stages.

Stage One – The Promise Ring

Arguably the first stage of a relationship is represented by a promise ring also known as commitment rings for couples or girlfriend rings. This piece of jewellery is traditionally given once the relationship is steady and established.

According to Brides Magazine, it is ‘a step up from dating’ (read their full article here What is a Promise Ring and What Does it Symbolise?). The promise ring shows that you love her and often says that you want to spend your lives together, but that you aren’t quite ready to get engaged or married. Maybe you don’t want to get engaged or married at all, but instead want to give your loved one a special relationship ring to show your commitment and love.

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Traditionally promise rings were inscribed with romantic phrases or poetry. They would often feature intertwining details, swirls or a twisted band to represent your unity. Today, the types of rings styles for promise rings often include smaller diamonds if they’re diamond rings; they’re often simple bands; they can be birthstone rings featuring the wearer’s birthstone or even cluster style rings.

Promise rings or girlfriend rings need to be given with a conversation! You don’t want your smaller diamond promise ring being confused with a much more special engagement ring! Discuss with your partner before you present her with a ring in a box what the ring signifies to you just to avoid any disastrous consequences.

Which finger do you wear a promise ring or girlfriend ring on? The answer is simple: any! It’s totally up to you which finger you use for your promise ring. And whether you’re a man or a woman, the answer is the same. It could be that you choose to wear it on your wedding finger and then replace it if you do eventually get engaged or you could wear it on a different finger entirely.

Promise rings can also be known as commitment rings for couples. And as the phrase suggests, they can be given to both parties of the couple not just the lady. Commitment rings for couples can be similar to each other or very different types of ring styles. You may both have very different styles and preferences. But you could make them more like a set by engraving them or using the same stones. For more information on commitment rings for couples, see our blog Diamond Rings for Him and Her – A Guide.

Our Rome Diamond Ring makes for a beautiful promise/girlfriend ring. It is a three stone diamond ring which uses the bezel setting to hold the stones into place. This ring could be used as an engagement ring too but the setting of it seems to suggest a promise ring slightly more than an engagement ring. It is an understated diamond ring that is elegant and sophisticated. You can choose the smallest size for the centre stone to keep it understated and dainty, perfect for a promise ring.

Rome Diamond Ring

As with all our diamond rings, you can choose the size of the centre stone and the quality of it. This allows you to customise the ring to your requirements, preferences and budget restrictions. Above you can see the differences that choosing the metal for the band can make. Rose gold and yellow gold are warmer metals and provide a contrast to the icy white of the diamonds. White gold and platinum create a cooler feel and create a similar feel to the diamonds. Both looks are different but both are stunning.

Our Madrid Diamond Ring is another option for a promise ring in diamonds. Again this ring can feature a smaller diamond at its centre (you can choose 0.5 carat up to 2.0 carat on the website). This ring has an understated elegance arising from its simplicity. Despite its simplicity, it’s still a captivating feast for the eyes and will hold anyone’s gaze.

It features a beautiful brilliant round diamond at its centre with two baguettes framing it. The prongs are arranged in a modern and decorative way to provide security for the extremely precious diamonds. The three colours for the metal band are shown below and will co-ordinate with her existing jewellery collection.

Madrid Diamond Ring

Stage Two - Engagement Rings

If you’re feeling like moving your relationship forward and want to get married, getting engaged is your next step. Getting engaged pretty much always involves an engagement ring. This ring shows the whole world that you love your partner and want to take the plunge and get married. It’s a big commitment! A promise to marry in the (hopefully near) future!

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Engagement rings are worn on the left hand on the fourth finger from the thumb. Traditionally, they are diamond rings often in solitaire styles. But, in modern times, an engagement ring can be anything you like, big or small, fancy or simple, diamond or gemstones, one stone, two, three or any number! Engagement rings can be all types of ring styles today! Engagement rings can be quite a serious purchase or you can have some fun! But you need to know your partner well!!!

Men don’t always have engagement rings, but engagement rings for couples are becoming more and more popular. Engagement rings for couples can share the same theme and be very similar. You can choose a matching style or matching stones. Or you can choose to engrave your engagement rings for couples with the same inscription. Or you could choose to engrave the rings with the beginning of a phrase on one ring and the end of the phrase on the other. What a perfect way to personalise your engagement rings for couples.

Our Mauritius Diamond Ring is a serious yet fun diamond engagement ring. It features two fancy diamond cuts – the pear, arranged side by side vertically. The band is adorned with small round brilliant diamonds for added sparkle and interest. It is an impressive and unusual design which has a contemporary feel.

Want larger diamonds? You can! Choose the size of the stones and the quality of them for a truly personalised engagement ring perfect for your bride to be.

Mauritius Diamond Ring

Our Manila Diamond Ring is another stunning choice for a diamond engagement ring. It features a cushion cut diamond at its centre flattered by two further diamonds at either side. These diamonds are round brilliant cut diamonds creating the most beautiful shine and sparkle. The band is decorated with further diamonds creating a modern day feel.

The colour of the metal can be selected and really does make a huge impact on the feel of the ring. Go large or small by selecting the size of the centre stone and choose the quality of that diamond. What more could you need to find the ideal engagement ring?

Manila Diamond Ring

Stage Three – Wedding Rings

What says that you love someone and are fully committed more than getting married? Another type of ring for relationships at different stages is the wedding band. Wedding bands are exchanged on the day of the wedding and are a symbol to show the world that you are married. They are usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand underneath an engagement ring if you wear one.

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Wedding bands are often simple bands of gold or platinum for each party. Women often wear their engagement ring on the same finger as the wedding ring, and although the wedding band is arguably the most important symbol of your love, the engagement ring is usually a bolder statement.

The engagement ring is often more fancy, more detailed, more ‘bling’! Whereas the wedding band is often understated to ensure it doesn’t outshine the engagement ring. However, the wedding band can have some sparkle and shine; it doesn’t have to be totally plain. It could be an emerald wedding ring or a ruby design or a blue sapphire design. There’s plenty of choice for you to find your ideal ring.

Men also wear their wedding bands on their fourth finger of their left hands. Often men don’t have engagement rings (but they can choose to if they wish). These rings are often fairly simplistic but they really don’t have to be.

For ideas about choosing wedding rings for couples, read our blog Diamond Rings for Him and Her – A guide here. You can choose to coordinate your wedding rings for couples by using similar types of ring styles. Men can also choose a gemstone to feature in their wedding rings. Emerald wedding rings could be your perfect choice or aquamarine or citrine. The choice is endless.

Our Serenity Milgrain Diamond Wedding Band is the perfect choice for a wedding band with a little extra. It features fifteen small round brilliant diamonds for a little fire and brilliance and it is decorated with a dainty and delicate milgrain patterning. It is available in yellow gold and rose gold as well as white gold and platinum to match your engagement ring. Stunning!

Serenity Milgrain Diamond Wedding Band

Our Larissa Pink Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Ring would make a beautiful wedding band for a lady who loves a feminine and elegant wedding band. It features nine round pink sapphires and eight small round brilliant diamonds perfectly arranged to symbolise your affection and everlasting love. This ring is perfect for someone who doesn’t stick to the rules and who is happy to challenge them.

It will pair perfectly with a diamond engagement ring or a pink sapphire engagement ring. Demonstrate your love for your wife to be with our Larissa pink sapphire ring.

Larissa Pink Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Ring

Another option for your wedding band is our Tanzanite Wishbone Ring which offers a ‘v’ shape to hug your engagement ring. This white gold tanzanite ring is fun and exciting and oozes personality. It features five round brilliant tanzanite and four round smaller brilliant cut diamonds. This white gold tanzanite ring is a delicate and pretty design that provides a spark of luxury for the eye. It pairs with many engagement ring styles beautifully. Choose a diamond engagement ring or a white gold tanzanite engagement ring to match perfectly. Also available in yellow and rose gold and platinum.

Tanzanite Wishbone Ring

If you want something different, perhaps you fancy an emerald wedding ring as green is your favourite colour. Or perhaps you prefer a deeper blue colour and fancy a blue sapphire wedding ring? If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, you can always contact us to create your own bespoke ring. To contact us about our bespoke service, get in touch here.

You could also personalise your wedding rings for couples by using our engraving service. You could engrave your partner’s name or initials on your wedding rings for couples or the date that you got married. What a beautiful sentiment!

Stage Four - Anniversary Rings

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When you get married, you’ll begin an exciting journey through your life with another person. Each year on your anniversary you’ll celebrate that union. Each and every year will bring with it ups and downs; and that is why it is so important to continually show your love and appreciation.

You don’t have to splash out every year on expensive presents for your loved one. Sometimes the smaller tokens can mean just as much to you both. However, from time to time, you may wish to invest in an item of jewellery to show your devotion.

Anniversary gifts can take the form of a piece of jewellery. Diamonds may be her favourite, or you may wish to give her a ring that features her birth stone or the stone that represents the anniversary you are celebrating. Anniversary rings can be stackable which is very fashionable right now. Choose a design that she can wear on her wedding ring finger alongside her engagement and wedding rings or choose a design she can wear on another finger. The choice is yours.

Our Leo Emerald Ring is a design perfect for an anniversary gift. Worn on a different finger to her wedding finger, this ring blends contemporary and classic design flawlessly. Featuring a brilliant cut oval emerald at its centre surrounded by three round brilliant cut diamonds on either side. The band is highly polished and gleaming and ensures that this ring will never go out of style.

It is also available in amethyst, blue sapphire, ruby and tanzanite ensuring there is a Leo Ring that’s perfect for everyone. Choose the white gold tanzanite ring for a lady who loves a beautiful blue stone or the ruby version for a lady who loves red. The choice is yours.

Leo Emerald Ring

For something more traditional consider our Ruby Gemstone Eternity Band. This eternity band is simple yet sophisticated and contains twenty seven medium red ruby stones set in a prong setting. Choose the classic white gold or platinum band or choose something warmer, the yellow gold and rose gold options are ideal here.

This is a dainty ring that has lots to offer. Ruby is the gemstone for your 40th wedding anniversary and it is the birthstone for July. But if you can’t wait forty years and she wasn’t born in July, don’t worry if her favourite colour is red! Or contact us to create your own emerald wedding ring if red isn’t your favourite and you’d prefer green. Other colours are also available.

Ruby Gemstone Eternity Band

Our journey through life is exciting. It’s even more exciting to share with a loved one. It’s important to show your feelings for your partner throughout your journey to stay happy and content. Jewellery is a great gift and can be personalised to make your loved one feel really special; find a special design, use a special stone, consider engraving! Hopefully you’ve found some ideas for the different types of rings for relationships at different stages. Take time to choose the right gift to mark your stage of your relationship and look forward to reaching the next!