Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and people who are in love are busy finding the perfect gift to show their loved ones that they care. Some like to physically go into shops to look at the array of items on sale to find inspiration and others prefer to use the internet to find inspiration.

It is celebrated on the 14th February and celebrates romance and love in many places across the world. Originally it started as a Christian tradition where people would have a feast to honour Saint Valentine. Through folk traditions, it changed to become what it is today. Nowadays, many exchange Valentine’s Day gifts UK as tokens of their love and friendship. People often eat out, go on date nights and spend some quality time together to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

According to Country Living, “today the meaning of Valentine's Day is entrenched in love and romance, bringing to mind boxes of chocolates, bouquets of flowers, romantic dinners, and heart-eye emojis” but to find out the true history behind this special holiday, read their full article here The True History of Valentine's Day Might Surprise You—Here's What to Know

At Diamond Boutique, we want to make your Valentine’s Day special and we know that if the lady in your life is happy, then you’ll be very happy indeed! We’ve chosen 5 key pieces of jewellery to share with you to give you inspiration for this romantic day. Add a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates and a romantic meal in or out and you’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day for 2023.

Valentine’s Day 2023 5 Things You Should Get For Your Girlfriend

We will offer some heart shaped jewellery pieces, a vintage aquamarine ring, a platinum tanzanite ring and a ruby and diamond vintage ring. But of course these pieces will merely whet your appetite and you can visit our website to see our full range of jewellery for your ideal Valentine’s Day gifts UK.

Heart to Heart

First up is our Heart Shaped Stud Earrings, the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for her. They will add a touch of romance, sophistication and sparkle to any modern jewellery collection. The image shows the earrings crafted in 18ct rose gold, but they are available in yellow gold, white gold and platinum too.

38 G VS diamonds adorn the earrings making these heart-shaped studs feminine, flirty and easy to wear with everyday fashions. All of our jewellery comes in a Diamond Boutique gift box making the presentation of these earrings perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift UK.

Heart Shape Diamond Stud Earrings Diamond Boutique

We’re continuing the heart theme which seems very apt for Valentine’s Day gifts UK with a heart shaped diamond ring. Our Venice Diamond Ring is a favourite for the incurable romantics! It flaunts a dazzling heart shaped diamond at its centre which is surrounded by a double halo of small round brilliant diamonds. To top it off, there is a double row of pavé diamonds on the band. This is the perfect diamond ring for a proposal and the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for her. What more could she ask for?

Venice Diamond Ring Diamond Boutique

Heart shaped diamonds are the epitome of love and romance. The heart shaped diamond is a unique shaped diamond that creates a feminine look. They are proving to be very popular at the moment and they feature in the category of ‘fancy shaped diamonds’.

The heart shaped diamond has a ‘cleft’ at the top and a ‘point’ at the bottom that creates the heart shape. They vary incredibly in shape being chubbier or thinner depending on the cut. They also exhibit high levels of brilliance and fire. It is the perfect stone for someone who likes to break tradition and make a statement.

They can be contrasted with yellow gold and rose gold that makes an even more feminine feel, or they can be found on white gold or platinum bands for an equally beautiful but different feel.

Aquamarine Anyone?

Named after the colour of the sea, aquamarine is a beautiful pale blue to light green stone that makes a beautiful stone for jewellery. It is available in larger sizes which is great for statement pieces. According to the International Gem Society, aquamarine is said to protect sailors, fishermen and travellers in general as it is linked to the sea. To find out more about vintage aquamarine rings visit their site here Aquamarine Value, Price, and Jewelry Information.

For a gorgeous vintage aquamarine ring choose our Vero Aquamarine Ring. This ring features an octagon shaped aquamarine often sourced from Brazil. It is surrounded by a halo of round brilliant diamonds and the mount and band have milgrain detailing on them. As with all of our gemstone rings you can choose the quality of the centre stone, you can choose from ‘very good’ ‘excellent’ and ‘superior’. This selection will also determine the hue of the stone.

This ring would make a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for her or the perfect diamond ring for your proposal. Contact us to make your purchase today.

Vero Aquamarine Ring in White Gold

Tantalising Tanzanite

Tanzanite is found as the name suggests in Tanzania, specifically near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, and is a relatively newly discovered stone. It is a blue violet stone. Tanzanite is the birthstone for the month of December and the stone for the 24th wedding anniversary. It is often heat treated to get the amazing blue colour.

The deeply saturated colours are the most popular and thus the most expensive. Tanzanite is found in a range of shapes, but cushion cut and oval cuts are the most popular.

A popular choice of metal for tanzanite is a platinum tanzanite ring because the violet blue shade contrasts beautifully with the ice white of the platinum band. But however, as you can see below, the yellow gold band looks stunning too against the tanzanite and diamonds. The choice is yours.

For a platinum tanzanite ring for your girlfriend’s Valentine’s Day gift, choose our Everest Tanzanite Ring. This special ring is impressive and contemporary. It has a vintage yet modern look and features a striking octagon shaped emerald cut tanzanite at the centre. The band has split shoulders and contains 32 diamonds for added shine and sparkle. This is a distinctive ring; a perfect diamond ring for a proposal and a lovely ring for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Everest Tanzanite and Double Diamond Shoulders Ring

Rubies are Red...

If red is your thing then rubies are the gemstone for you. The ruby is the red variety of the sapphire and it is one of the most popular traditional gemstones to date. They are used to celebrate July birthdays and the 40th wedding anniversary. They are said to symbolise love and happiness.

Most rubies are found in Myanmar and Mozambique. Those found in Mozambique are noticeably different in colour, being darker but clearer. However, those found in Myanmar are seen as the highest standard of ruby. Rubies are coloured sapphires that are pinkish red, purplish red all the way to orangish red.

Choose our Vintage Ruby Halo Ring for a ruby and diamond vintage ring she’ll adore. This ring is vintage inspired with its halo of diamonds surrounding the centre stone and its milgrain detailing. This ruby and diamond vintage ring can be customised to your requirements by choosing the quality of the centre stone. Choose this ring for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day or choose it as a diamond ring with ruby for your proposal.

Vintage Ruby Halo Ring in White Gold

Personalised Jewellery Gifts

According to Glamour magazine, if “you're buying a gift for a woman who is notoriously hard-to-shop-for, consider something off the beaten path. You could start with a personalized present”. Read their full article here, ‘53 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Her That Are Genuinely Thoughtful

Custom Engraving Rings Diamond Boutique

Jewellery can be personalised in a number of ways and will almost certainly melt her heart when she sees it. One way to personalise a piece of jewellery is to engrave it using our free engraving service. You can choose between a number of different fonts to engrave your item of jewellery with some special words or letters. But you can also ask us about engraving your item of jewellery with a special symbol. For more information about our engraving service, visit our Custom Engraving page here. Choose an engraved ring for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re thinking of buying a ring or item of jewellery that contains a precious stone, then you can use their birthstone as the centrepiece. Or you could place a smaller birthstone inside the band of a ring to make it really special. You could even include your birthstone too to show that you are unified.

You can also, of course, use our bespoke service to truly customise your item of jewellery. You can design your own piece and then we’ll hand make it for you. We offer plenty of help during the process and it’s surprisingly reasonably priced. Contact us here to find out more.

Personalising your jewellery for your loved one will make the best rings and jewellery items for Valentine’s Day. She will most definitely love her gift and treasure it for a lifetime.

What’s Next?

We’ve taken a look at some on trend heart shaped jewellery pieces, a strikingly beautiful vintage aquamarine ring, an ice white platinum tanzanite ring and a resplendent ruby and diamond vintage ring. These items of jewellery are absolutely perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day for her. On our website, you can also find some thoughtful and stunning pieces of jewellery for him on Valentine’s Day so do check out our website for our full catalogue.