Looking for unique engagement rings? Vintage engagement ring styles? Or vintage wedding ring styles? Then look no further as we have beautiful rings for your engagement or wedding rings right here at Diamond Boutique.

What are Vintage Engagement Ring Styles?

‘Vintage’: meaning a modern day item that represents a previous era or period of time. The item, in this case, a ring, must include stylistic elements that were fashionable in the time that is being represented. Specific periods in time that will be represented by vintage jewellery tend to be Victorian (1837 - 1901), Edwardian (1901 - 1914) and Art Deco (1920s – 1930s).

Art Deco isn’t strictly speaking a time period in British history but it is a movement that brought with it a style that originated in France and was very popular here during that time and had a huge impact on architecture and product design.

And according to the International Gem Society, ‘"Vintage" refers to anything at least 20 years old, while "antique" refers to anything at least 100 years old. When it comes to engagement rings, "vintage" usually signifies the ring's style rather than its age.’. To read their full article about vintage jewellery, visit What Makes an Engagement Ring Vintage? here.

Vintage Engagement Ring Styles

Why are Vintage Engagement Ring Styles So Popular?

Vintage engagement rings and jewellery items are very popular for a number of reasons. Firstly vintage engagement ring styles make for unique engagement rings. They are timeless designs that were inspired by years gone by but will look fresh forever. These beautiful rings for your engagement are usually bursting with individuality and personality. They make a statement and stand out rather than blend into the crowd. They can often be more unusual designs, including feminine, floral or square elements.

For a really stunning engagement ring consider yellow gold. Yellow gold rings can be seen to be vintage as they’re more traditional than white gold or platinum. They make the most beautiful engagement rings as they’re warm and flattering to many skin tones.

What Design Elements are Vintage?

According to Forbes.com, Victorian rings ranged from ‘sentimental motifs of double hearts tied together to entwined snakes’ to ‘round, oval and cushion shapes in both diamonds and colored gemstones’. To read the whole article see: Why Vintage Rings Appeal to Modern Customers. It also suggests that solitaire styles were popular with the Victorians for stunning engagement rings but that the ring would have detail on the mount to ensure it was unique and special.

Cluster rings were also popular during the Victorian period. These were more affordable and gave the illusion of larger centre stone. Diamonds were popular here but equally other gemstones could be used to make a real impression.

Vintage Engagement Ring Designs

During the Edwardian period, milgrain detailing became popular and floral motifs featured on the band of the most beautiful engagement rings. The band was often tapered to thin near the centre stone. And these designs were pretty and dainty.

Next, during the Art Deco movement, rings took on a distinctive style that will last forever. This movement saw the introduction of geometric shapes of stones and designs for unique engagement rings. Engraving on the shank became popular too. Diamonds on the sides of the centre stone were often seen and the introduction to trillion shapes and marquise were also seen.

Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring Designs

With its elegant tapering to the centre stone diamond and its channel of small round brilliant diamonds, our Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring is an excellent example of a vintage stunning engagement ring that looks fresh and modern.

This ring is available in four different centre stone sizes allowing you to customise it. You can make the centre stone larger and thus more dramatic or you can choose to have the centre stone smaller and more understated. But, importantly both options give you a beautiful vintage engagement ring with plenty to see. For a more vintage feel, choose yellow gold or rose gold for your engagement ring but white gold and platinum will also make a special ring.

Vintage GIA Diamond Engagement Ring

Our Vintage Diamond Engagement Halo Ring epitomises vintage! It has a diamond halo around an oval diamond and diamonds along the shoulders. The milgrain detailing is dainty and feminine making it a truly stunning vintage design. You can customise this ring to your requirements and you can choose the metal of the band to coordinate with your existing jewellery collection.

Celebrities with halo style engagement rings include Kate Middleton with her blue sapphire halo ring and Eva Longoria the actress with her ruby halo ring. Both rings utilising an oval shaped centre stone making the most beautiful engagement rings. Gwen Stafani from No Doubt also has a vintage halo ring with a twist as her halo has a heart shaped centre stone. Which do you prefer?

Our third vintage diamond ring is our Alia Vintage Engagement Ring. This is truly a special and unique looking ring. It is a solitaire diamond ring with extra punch! It features a magnificent diamond to the centre (four sizes available) and then the shank is decorated with not only the diamonds that create an amazing sparkle, but it also features the very vintage milgrain detailing too. For complete vintage appeal choose yellow or rose gold, but for a modern twist choose white gold or platinum. The choice is yours!

Alia Vintage Engagement Rings

Gemstone Vintage Designs

Gemstones as centre stones have been popular for many years; the Victorians really enjoyed wearing them in their rings. Gemstones make a bold statement. They are something different and can give a glimpse into the wearer’s personality and character. They create a truly unique engagement ring. You can choose which gemstone to adorn your engagement ring with in various ways. Perhaps choose your/your partner’s birthstone? Perhaps choose their favourite colour? Or choose an unusual colour for the centre stone to add even more interest. Sometimes an usual stone can make the most beautiful ring for your engagement.

Our Vintage Tanzanite Ring shouts Art Deco vintage. It features an enchanting octagon shaped tanzanite, 14 small round brilliant diamonds and a highly polished band. The tanzanite is available in four sizes and three different qualities. You can choose the colour of the metal for the band and the ring is also available in peridot, amethyst, blue sapphire, blue topaz and citrine. Which stone would you choose for your stunning engagement ring?

This is a vintage engagement ring style with a modern element for those who love an Art Deco inspired ring that is fresh and modern. It is a timeless design that will last a lifetime. It reminds us of the past but keeps us up date in the present.

Vintage Tanzanite Ring

Our Vintage Emerald Ring is an engagement ring that has lots of vintage appeal. It would make the most beautiful engagement ring for someone special. Surrounded by six small round brilliant diamonds arranged in a triangular shape, the centre stone emerald stands out from the crowd. The band tapers towards the stones at the centre to ensure all eyes are where the magic is, the stones.

This ring showcases an oval emerald that is available in three different qualities. This allows you to customise your ring to your preferences and requirements. If you want a better quality emerald, you can choose the superior quality option. The triangular design of the diamonds is vintage in style and is feminine and effortlessly beautiful.

This ring is also available in ruby, citrine, peridot and blue sapphire, giving you plenty of choice to create the perfect engagement ring.

Vintage Emerald Ring

Our Blue Topaz Vintage Ring is a vintage stunner! It is another option for a beautiful ring for your engagement. The appeal here is in the detail. Blue topaz is perfect for larger extravagant stones and this ring is no exception. The centre stone is a large 1.73ct octagon shaped blue topaz surrounded by a halo of small round brilliant diamonds that compliment the delicate shade of light blue. The basket has a definite Art Deco feel to it making it a perfect vintage ring for vintage loving lady.

Blue Topaz Vintage Ring

Vintage Wedding Band Styles

Vintage wedding band styles often include the same features that vintage engagement rings include. Milgrain detail is a firm favourite as well as diamonds and gemstones and arrangements that are unique, floral perhaps and detailed.

Our Serenity Milgrain Wedding Band is a gorgeous vintage wedding band that contains diamonds on a dainty, sleek band with the all important milgrain detail. This wedding band is feminine and elegant but also stands out from the crowd. Available in white gold, platinum, yellow and rose gold, there is an option for every colour palette.

Serenity 18ct White Gold Milgrain Diamond Wedding Band

Our Blue Sapphire and Diamond Band is another beautiful vintage wedding ring style. This time we can see an arrangement of small round blue sapphires interspersed with small round brilliant diamonds. Milgrain detailing features again surrounding the stones allowing you to show your true personality through this wedding band.

Choose this wedding band to accompany a diamond solitaire design or any other diamond design. Select this blue sapphire design for a lady who loves the royal blue of the blue sapphire. Perhaps it is her birthstone or it is special to her for another reason. This ring could also be chosen if the engagement ring features a blue sapphire.

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Band

If you love this vintage style wedding band, but blue sapphires aren’t your favourite gemstone or you’ve got your own design in mind, get in touch with us to customise this ring or any other design to your preferences via our bespoke service here. If you need more advice about how to pair your wedding band with your engagement ring, read our blog Pairing an Engagement Ring to a Wedding Band – Five Top Tips on How To Do This Successfully! here.

We’ve taken a look at vintage engagement ring styles and vintage wedding ring styles. We’ve realised that these styles are popular for good reason! They are unique, interesting, full of detail, feminine and they make a statement. Any lady that receives this style of ring for an engagement ring will be very lucky indeed! If you need any more information on our products, get in touch with us here.