Paragon Amethyst Ring

At Diamond Boutique, we love creating mesmerising rings that you'll truly love. Our Amethyst ring collection is no different, combining a beautiful gemstone with hand-crafted rings for an incredible finish.

Amethyst Gemstones

To make an amazing ring, you first must pick out a gemstone that catches your eye. Amethyst gems come in a refined light purple colour that is fit for any occasion.

The February birthstone, Amethyst was once thought to contain healing properties. It is a well-loved gemstone that is becoming ever more common in jewellery collections today.

These gemstones can be created naturally as Amethyst crystals, or developed in a lab and bought as 'roughs'. But regardless of their origin, most are cut the same.

The high-quality stones are the ones you predominantly find in jewellery; cutting gems of this type simply highlights the colour profile of it. Those amethysts without a particularly high grade will be tumbled into specimens or beads.

When amethysts are cut, as is true with most gemstones, the aim is to remove as many imperfections as possible while still maintaining the stone's distinctive colour. This can be difficult, and requires an expert hand.

Our Amethyst Rings

The subtle colour of an amethyst goes well with a clear diamond or a silver ring, so it's no wonder that this pairing is the basis of most of our Amethyst ring options. And that's not all; the stone's that have been chosen for use in our jewellery have all been hand-picked and cut to perfection before making it as a selection on one of our rings.

The Cut of Your Amethyst

After as many imperfections as possible have been removed, the stone will go through a separate cutting process to determine its shape. As is true with many gemstone rings, there are a number of options available when considering the cut of an amethyst.

These gemstones lend themselves to step cut designs; these cuts allow the stone to show off its colour. Step cuts refer to any cut where layers are made out of the gem, and often take advantage of symmetry and parallel lines.

The second, and often most popular option is to find an amethyst with a brilliant cut. Brilliant cut gems employ curved lines and numerous facets (sides) to make sure light will hit the stone at every possible angle. If you're looking for a round gemstone, this is certainly the best option.

Finally, you may be able to find a Princess cut design. This falls halfway in between a step and brilliant cut, creating a facet pattern that mirrors a brilliant-cut while still retaining straight edges.

The Jewellery

For any good Amethyst ring to be complete, its stone and band must complement one another. For this, your taste has the final say; you can pick the metal your ring is created from, and both silvers and golds work well with this gem.

You will often find other stones accompanying your predominant one in rings. In the case of an amethyst ring, these other stones are almost always diamonds. The colour profiles complement each other nicely, and make for a beautiful addition to your collection.

Diamond Boutique

At Diamond Boutique, we believe in both beauty and choice. This is why our collection of Amethyst rings come in almost every cut and metal you can imagine. It is simply your choice which one you fall in love with first.

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