When it comes to popular coloured gemstone jewellery, aquamarine is right up there along with emeralds, rubies and sapphires. This alluring stone captures the fascinating blue colour of the oceans and is an irresistible temptation to those who adore and admire beauty! The aquamarine jewellery at Diamond Boutique not only boasts lavish cool tones but twinkles with absolute clarity. Read on to find out about the origins of our fascinating aquamarine... India: First stop India, also known as the "Land of Dreams". If the land of India could speak it would boast of a history from 2500BC! Home to culture, cuisine and creative cinema, it's always a memorable trip for our gemologists. Be sure to stop by Sandakfu - it is situated 12000 feet above sea level. Its sheer altitude makes it a great viewing spot! Mines in India have provided some of the world's most beautiful and well-known aquamarine. The city of Karur remains one of the best sources of aquamarine for over 2000 years! Indian aquamarine is famous for their rich colour and affordability.   indian-aquamarine Interesting Fact: More than 100 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, most of what is now India was an island. This island is now home to over 1.2 billion citizens who speak over 780 languages! Click here to create your very own custom jewellery featuring Indian aquamarine... Brazil: Next up, Brazil. A go-to destination for over 6 million tourists! This American country is proudly home to a passionate population and 19 of the world's most beautiful heritage sites. Beaches with shimmering turquoise waters and an exciting nightlife are at the heart of Brazil. Aquamarine has been mined in Brazil since the 1900s and it is still the largest producer of this watery gemstone! The rare, intense blue aquamarines from the Santa Maria mine in Brazil cause quite a stir, attracting miners from around the world. Aquamarines from Brazil are recognised for their unparalleled size, bright blue colour and incredible clarity and are considered the world's top aquamarine. brazillian-aquamarine   Interesting Fact: The largest Brazilian aquamarine on record was found in 1910, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This pale blue gem stands at 19 inches tall and weighs approximately 110kg! This impressive aquamarine is certainly giving the Hope Diamond a run for its money... Click here to view one of our best selling rings showcasing an aquamarine from Brazil... Madagascar: Last but certainly not the least, Madagascar. The world’s fourth largest island and destination to thousands of tourists every year! If you’re planning a holiday to Madagascar be sure to slip in a trip to Lake Itasy, to witness the watery wonders and lush waterfalls. Aquamarines from Madagascar are gaining popularity due to their intense blue hue. The centre of the Madagascar aquamarine trade is the Tsaramanga mine at Antsibare, where gems of excellent colour and fine quality have been mined for over 10 years. These gems are famous for having a dreamy medium blue hue. madgascar-aquamaine   Interesting Fact: During our very first trip to Madagascar, we learnt that there are over 400 species of bizarre and extraordinary animals that are only found in Madagascar. From lemurs and reptiles to the world's largest and smallest chameleons! Adventure holiday anyone? The experts at Diamond Boutique travel across the world carefully selecting each and every aquamarine we use. Our aquamarine rings, earrings and pendants are designed to truly bring out the beautiful hue and clarity of each stone. Like all the other coloured gemstones we have to offer, our aquamarine is ethically sourced from their respective origins. Happy Shopping!