The clocks have gone back, the nights are longer and the weather is becoming colder and colder… which means November is here.  With the new month, comes a different birthstone for us to discuss and in November, there’s two lovely birthstones: Citrine and Topaz. With the cold winter settling in slowly, but surely these gems are just the perfect touch you need to give you a golden summery feel. Read on to learn more about these dazzling stones.


Citrine is a quartz gemstone found in golden shades from pale yellow to deep brownish orange. As one of the more affordable gems, citrine makes for a good choice if you want an eye-catching piece of jewellery. According to the Chinese Fen Shui, citrine creates wealth and abundance. While we can’t guarantee our Citrine Solitaire Earrings will bring you health and wealth, we think they make an excellent birthday present for November-born women. unnamed Citrine is also considered the stone of the 13th anniversary. This makes the gemstone the perfect idea for a wedding anniversary gift. Celebrate this memorable milestone with our beautiful Citrine and Diamond Full Eternity Ring. Citrine rose to popularity in the 19th century and became a front-runner in the Art Deco Era. During this period citrine jewellery was considered to be a protector from evil thoughts, making it a thoughtful gemstone to gift. Take inspiration from the 19th century and custom design a meaningful piece of jewellery for a loved one.


Topaz is a hard silicate mineral that is naturally colourless. It is treated to form gorgeous shades of yellow, red, green, brown, violet, pink and our favourite blue. Topaz rates 8 in the Mohs Scale, making this birthstone a durable choice for jewellery. According to old folktales, topaz symbolizes love, affection and is also said to bestow strength and intelligence on the wearer. While we can’t guarantee our Blue Topaz Solitaire Earrings will bring you strength and intelligence, we do know they make an excellent birthday present for November-borns.  BLue Topaz Collage Blue Topaz is also the official gemstone to celebrate the 4th anniversary, making this electric blue gemstone the perfect wedding anniversary gift. Celebrate this incredible sentiment with our stunning Vintage Floral Blue Topaz Ring. Similar to citrine, blue topaz was also popularly used in jewellery from the Art Deco Era. It is said that during this period people believed blue topaz symbolised friendship and brought the wearer help. Take inspiration from this historic legend and custom design a meaningful piece of jewellery for a loved one.

Famous Fan

Both of the November birthstones have a royal advocate, the Duchess of Cambridge. The Duchess has been spotted on a number of occasions wearing both Citrine and Topaz earrings. Kate Middleton Blue Topaz Citrine Earrings Both gemstones are a perfect fit with the Duchess’s down-to-earth elegance. If you’re looking to follow her style, you can get your hands on these dazzling precious gems without the precious price tags at Diamond Boutique. That marks the end of this week’s blog. If we’ve learnt one thing today, it is that November borns can count themselves lucky as they get to enjoy two very different – yet stunning –birthstones. So if you have family and friends who’s birthdays are coming soon, find them the perfect gift at Diamond Boutique. Choose Citrine to bring your loved one the warmth and joy of an autumn day. Go with Blue Topaz to mirror the frosty winter weather that is upon us.