Peridot is beautiful, lively and affordable like a dream! At first glance, the bright apple green hue of Peridot is not everyone’s cup of tea. Mysteriously though, the colour really grows on you especially since most stones are relatively pure and free of inclusions. Today we take you on a virtual tour, to discover this month’s flattering birthstone… Read on for more!

Burma Peridot

Destination number one Burma. One of the largest countries in South East Asia and home to many monuments of historical interest, Burma is an uncommon beauty. If you’re planning a visit there, be sure to head to Ngapali Beach - the sunsets are marvellous! Burma is one of the two most popular sources of Peridot; the stones have a famously a vivid light green hue to them. Burmese Peridot also boast of fine inclusion and a silky shine. burma peridot Pritesh about Burma: “On our recent visit to Burma we learnt that if you want to get a waiter’s attention in a restaurant, you need to blow them a few kisses! It’s safe to say this was the highlight of the trip!”

Pakistan Peridot

Our final destination is Pakistan, the unsung hero of Asia. The name is a merge of Pak (pure) and stan (land), which makes it the land of the pure in Urdu. Pakistan is full of breathtakingly locations; if you want to experience paradise on earth you should visit Naltar Valley! Today, the most beautiful and rare peridot stones in the world come from Pakistan. These stones are well known for their rich, apple green colour with the slight tinge of gold. pakistan peridot Pritesh about Pakistan: “Visits are always exciting, however the recent trip saw us taking a day off at one of the worlds largest deserts – Thar Dessert. It’s over 10,000 years old and a tropical heaven!” Our buyers travel the world, to carefully select each and every peridot we use. Our peridot rings and earrings are designed to truly bring out the dancing hue and vivid clarity of each stone. Like all the other gemstones we have to offer, our peridot is ethically sourced from their respective origins. We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog… Happy August Folks!