Pink gemstones are believed to bring you serenity and contentment. It should relax you more and awaken your feelings of acceptance and soften any frustration that you might suffer. If that is not enough for you to choose pink, than maybe the fact that it is such a hot fashionable colour! pink-0@2x Pink as a dominating and beautiful colour in fashion. This spring and summer we see lots of shades of pink in the shops and on the street, just as proposed by all the major fashion designers. Most of us have a fond love of pink. Although the colour might be very suitable for men as well, it is really the old time favourite for girls and women. Some love to dress from head to toe in pink, but most abandon that desire when growing Roberts looking amazing in pink at the Saga Awards this year. Luckily for all the pink lovers there are many pink gemstones to choose from and jewelry designers love to use them.  It is one of the hottest gemstones and the fascination with pink does not show any sign of slowing down. If money is not an option one can consider going for a fancy diamond. Diamonds come in all colors but the pink version is just incredibly beautiful.  One of the most precious stones sold at an auction last year was, in fact, a pink diamond. The Pink Star, a 59,60 carat pink diamond,  raised more than 44 million pound last year! pink-3@2x But there are many more affordable gemstones to choose from really. Both sapphire and ruby come in beautiful shades of pink. There is an enormous variety of jewelry to choose from if you go for the classy pink sapphire. Many of the big names carry pink sapphire in their collections and it will never go out of fashion. pink-4@2x Besides the sapphires and rubies we find pink back in the gemstones: spinel, kunzite and pink rose quartz. The last one is found also lots in silver jewelry for example as it is a much more common and therefor; cheaper gemstone. pink-5@2x The number two in pink gemstones used for the more precious kind of jewelry is tourmaline. Now tourmaline can be found in all kinds of pink and there are even bi-colour and tri-colour stones. Both stones; pink sapphire and tourmaline, are much loved in the more classical jewellery style. The colours and the beauty deserve to play a leading role, and it is classical jewellery that knows just how to present the gemstone at its very best. pink-6@2x You can just never go wrong with pink. It is the ultimate feminine colour and it stands also for being sweet, playful, romantic and charming. But also for babies and little girls. You can see immediately how suited it is for many occasions: romantic ones, or even when you are pregnant with a girl for example. It is the stone to choose if you like the symbolism behind it. Pink gemstones represent the symbol of friendship and affection. Of harmony and inner peace. So whether it’s a fashion statement that you want to make or you love to embrace the symbolism of pink, you can just never go wrong!  Salmon, coral, hot pink, fuchsia, flesh, blush, fluorescent pink, flamengo, hot magenta, cherry blossom pink, cerise, cotton candy or bubble gum…..there is a pink shade for everyone!